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So it's Wednesday. The day after.

Today a senior partner called me to his office to give me a follow up assignment. We were talking politics, as we have several times because he just doesn’t get liberalism passion, and he obviously noted that I was upset. He then told the (Democratic) managing partner and a (Republican) associate (and who knows who else.) So the managing partner came to my office to discuss how there will be a lot of elections in my life and lots of good days and lots of bad days. How in 1968 he thought it was the end of the world. Then later, the Republican associate came to my office to ask if I was serious about moving to another country. He was actually really nice, trying to assured me that the sky wasn't falling and that I would personally be stronger as a result of this. He even guessed that I would look back on this period and laugh that I thought the election would be so important. (We put money on it that I would not be the one surprised by my view in four years.) He tried to say that America and Her freedoms are a lot stronger than I am giving Her credit for, and that as I get older, I'll look at the world through different eyes. At the same time that he was trying to tell me that it was an age thing that I’d learn over time, he admitted that his wife felt the same concern and even panic that I did over civil right. He said that the Republicans felt the same way after Whitewater, and that in that rural South, the Republicans feel the same irrational fear that the Democrats were going to take away their right to go to church on Sundays, and that court decisions not permitting nativity scenes equated into the same thing. The difference is, of course, no one has ever said anything about church on Sundays, whereas they have in fact begun to erode the Bill of Rights. Finally, I was talking to another associate today (a younger one) who made the comment that he just didn't care about anyone else. That he wants social security privatized b/c people are milking the system who are lazy, and that anyone who wants to succeed in the world can. I asked him about the single mother who worked two jobs to make ends meet, and he said, “well, why is she a single mother.” I pointed out that as he had sex before he was married, there but for the grace of god…He doesn’t care about any infringements on his civil liberties b/c “I’m not a terrorist” and doesn’t care if they reinstate the draft because “I’m over the draft age.” He doesn’t care about gay marriage because “homosexuals aren’t a protected class so it isn’t discrimination.” Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Republican party. He knows his party’s positions. He’s not one of the who is naïve or in denial about where the Republican party has moved to. He doesn’t care.

The ramifications of yesterday are astounding. Rehnquist is terminal. Along with the age of Stevens, the ill health of Ginsburg, and both for O'Connor, we are doomed to have a Court of Scalias and Thomas's for the next 35-40 years. Every advancement per equal rights we've made over the last generation is systematically going to be taken away. Thomas has said that he doesn't believe that the First Amendment applies to the states and that he supports religion in schools. Ummm...where is THAT in the Constitution? The Fourth Amendment search and seizures protections will be a thing of the past. The First Amendment will be gutted (will be? Has been?) Abortion will be declared illegal. The Patriot Act is here to stay. Those freedoms that we have died to protect will be vanquished. 11 states (including Ohio) voted discrimination into the Constitution. They decided against basic decency to its citizens. It's disgusting. What have they done to this country? We out to be ashamed.

The economy absolutely sucks right now. It isn’t showing signs of improvement. And here in Northeast Ohio - the unemployment rate is the worst in the Union. Ohio has suffered almost 25% of those job losses. This state is in disarray, and now that we have done our Electoral College part, we won’t hear from the president, or anyone, for assistance or solutions for another four years. Are we just possibly the most gullible state in the Union? Yes, I think we are! Bush is going to continue to allow companies to outsource jobs to other countries and give them tax breaks to do so. He is going to continue to give the wealthier people tax breaks - who don't really need them (and for that record, his tax breaks greatly benefit me). Trickle down economics is a joke. No one who makes a million dollars is depriving themselves of anything that they want or need, and giving them a hundred thousand dollars back in taxes isn't going to convince them to buy anything. And I can tell you that what I get back, I'm putting straight into my school loans, not buying things to make the economy grow. Bush has no absolutely response for the problems with health care. No solution for rising prescription costs. He will not allow stem cell research to cure diseases (because once you force people to have children and the children are born, you don't CARE about the children anymore or any diseases they may suffer from. Human life must be protected any any cost, but only until it's born. This also explains the death penalty.) He turns his back on science in the name of his god. He will not allow us to import cheap drugs from Canada (for as unsafe as he says Canadian drugs are, it's amazing that all Canadians aren't dead yet). He hopes to privatize social security (with major cheers from the right) and essentially screw over all retirees. And Americans do such a great job at budgeting money anyway that I can see why privatizing social security is a smart thing.

Torturing detainees and POWs is an acceptable strategy. Determining that we are not part of the Geneve Convention is ok, as long as it goes along with what we want. Habeas Corpus is an ideal, not a law, and can be suspended by the present dictator, ahh, I mean, administration. Iraq is closer to a civil war now than it was before we arrived. Over 1,100 US soldiers are dead. An estimated 100,000 civilians are dead. As Scott Ritter (a senior UN weapons inspector in Iraq between 1991 and 1998) said, "Our collective inability to summon the requisite shame and rage when confronted by an estimate of 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians in the prosecution of an illegal and unjust war not only condemns us, but adds credibility to those who oppose us."

We are NOT safer than we were before. Why? Because we haven't been attacked since 9/11? Give me a break. Before that it had been since 1991. So it was 10 years. They plan these things well. Bush has no idea where Bin Laden is, goes to attack another country b/c he wanted to, in the face of all evidence to the contrary that they didn't have the WMD as he claimed and they weren't connected with Bin Laden (of course, NOW Iraq has a problem with Al Qaeda, but they didn't before we got there. Way to go.) Soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan b/c he didn't give them the equipment that they need, weapons are mysteriously disappearing, and despite his promises, chances are excellent that he is going to have to reinstate the draft b/c our troops are so overextended right now. And despite his claims to the contrary, he already HAS a backdoor draft (and it's currently affecting my cousin, who is off in Afghanistan and can tell you stories about his unit's lack of supplies - things like bullets - that will make you sick).

Bush is going to continue to legislate morality (his two main arguments this election have been abortion and same sex marriage. And incidentally, the exact same Bible passages quoted to prevent the latter are those that were used 100 years ago to prevent interracial unions).Meanwhile, no bid contacts to his friends at companies like Haliburton who are stealing supplies from our troops. Corporate corruption is amuck. He is unable to put together a complete sentence without embarrassing himself and America, he is so smug and arrogant that he can't think of a single mistake he has made the entire 4 years.

God help me, as Cam said, I was rooting for the pretzel, that is what this man is doing to me. And people reelected him. This time, Bush *didn't* have to cheat to win. The country gave him a f*cking mandate. "Go ahead, f*ck us in the ass some more." What is WRONG with people? The Swift Boat Vets took attention away from the *real* issues of the campaign and forced Kerry to defend 30+ years of anecdotes individually. Bush's early ads portrayed Kerry as a flip-flopper (which was ridiculous, b/c Bush flip flopped just as much, and in less time, than Kerry.) Simply put, Karl Rove flat out beat Kerry's campaign advisors. Game, set, match. His character assassinations of Kerry were much more effective than Kerry's character assassinations of Bush, which is fucking incredible when you compare their respective character. The fact that the biggest issue cited as being vote determinative in exit polls was "moral values" shows that Rove was able to shift voters' attention away from the real issues [and Bush's failures therein]. The Republican Party has somehow managed to convince people that being a neocon and being religious go hand-in-hand.

This is going to go down in history as a dark, dark period, maybe the darkest in history. And in a country that had McCarthyism in the 50s, segregation, slavery...that's sure saying a hell of a lot. I kept asking before the election, what is wrong with everyone? Why doesn't America collectively ask, "Have you no decency sir?" Why hasn’t it sunk it? How far do we have to fall before the light bulb goes off? Why are those that actually care about the rest of the world, who see that Bush has no solutions, that he hasn’t protected us, all the obvious things, just a minority of us spitting against the wind??

We just let the world down. Those of us who understood our responsibility – we are truly sorry.

And I'm not even sure how the Democrats come back. They just lost to the biggest idiot ever, a man who never deserved to be president, a man who has not managed to do one single positive thing for this country in four years and promises more of the same. In other words, a president who is so incompetent in every sense of the position, his FIRE ME glowing letters were fucking bright...what are they going to do if and when the Republicans ever through a COMPETENT candidate against them?? People are against the war in Iraq, there were no WMD, we have no idea where Bin Laden is (and people in Iraq claim that Al Qaeda and Bin Laden are thrilled over the election), people think that the economy is moving in the wrong direction, Bush's approval rating is lower that anyone who has ever one...and still the Democrats lost.

Republicans took further control of the House and Senate. And the fact remains, the Democrats don't ever have a chance in the southern part of the US. Because Clinton was from Arkansas, he won that (and managed Louisiana), but that's as good as they can do. When the individual is from that state, the Democrats MIGHT be able to take that home state (though not definite; look at Gore in 2000). For the most part, ever since the Democrats became the party of civil rights, they aren't going to win the rural South. The rest of the time, they are just automatically red. Grab and Sharpie and go to town. So how can the Democrats counter that?

A lot of people are calling for a reevaluation of the Democratic Party. But too far right and they risk losing their base just to grab the center. The fact that people aren't ready for the message - do you change the message? Sad to say, the Democrats best hope is that the Republican Party splinters soon to a moderate right and the scary neocon right. But truthfully, I think that is just wishful thinking; I just don't see it. We are getting closer and closer to one party control every day. And I'm scared.

You know what? I hope I'm proven wrong. I hope that Bush isn't going to destoy the world. I hope that Bush is going to resolve the economic problems, find a solution for the war in Iraq, and not pack the court with facist neocon whores. But I don't believe it. And in their heart of hearts, neither can moderate, unbrainwashed Republicans.

In closing, Sarah said it best.

Dear about 59 million Americans (you know who you are):

Go to hell, you goddamn, mother-fucking, cunt-faced, dick-smacking, turd-sandwiched, Hot Carl-loving, cocksucking, tit-licking, cum-mongering, douchebagging, whore-killing, fellatio-retarded, piss-drinking, clit-witted, ass-smelling, penisheaded, shit-wearing, slutastic, prick-eating, double-pussied, sons of bastardly bitches.

What the FUCK is wrong with you?

As a friend pointed out, in 1972, Nixon won re-election with 60.7% of the popular vote to George McGovern's 37.5%. Nixon also received a whopping
520 electoral votes to McGovern's 17. Two years later, Nixon was out of office, and will probably continue to be the target of scorn and mockery for generations to come.

Let us all bow our heads now and give a silent prayer that our fearless leader may meet a similar fate.

To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.- Theodore Roosevelt, May 7, 1918


  • At 12:22 AM, Blogger Steppie said…

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Wow. Just wow.

  • At 2:57 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    It certainly feels like The Day After.

    Anyway, awesome post. I still haven't gotten around to writing anything coherent. I try to start typing something up, but it's like my fingers have Tourette's.

    And that guy at your work? ARGH! I hate selfish voters. It's not always about what is good for you. For example, I voted NO on the proposal to ban gay marriage here (sadly, it passed like Ohio's). I'm not a homosexual, so it's nothing that directly affects me, but I care about others, especially when they're being discriminated against. Curse of the liberals.

    I continue to hope that the press takes Bush and Cheney down, a la Watergate. Then, he can grace the history books where he belongs--right alongside Nixon, as a taint upon the presidency.

  • At 4:01 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    Fiery, but completely true post, Stephanie. Very well-put.

    Not real crazy about what Sarah had to say. "Cocksucking", for example, is not what I would consider insulting, for obvious reasons.

    At any rate, I'm glad we all have each other for this period of anger, loss and mourning.

    Take care.

  • At 1:30 AM, Blogger space said…

    i stumbled across your blog as i was reading another, and i just want you to know how much i appreciate what you have written. that i, as an australian citizen, have been so overwhelmed and "stoopified" at the choice that was cast in the face of such overwhelming evidence of such an incompotent and dangerous "leader". although i know the result would be discouraging to anyone with insight, i do believe people, such as yourself, have the intellect and perserverance to continue to struggle to ensure that rights for ALL are not eroded to a point of making countless of people mute.

    this is not a time to give up, but merely a call to dig deeper and keep alight those beliefs that call for a more human approach to minority groups, and to the world at large. you would be surprised at how many people are actually behind you, they literally total in the millions.

    keep you courage and in the subtle silence of discouragement, let it roar.


  • At 2:40 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Well, in my defense, "cocksucking" was directed at people who voted for Bush, and most of them would find that insulting. After all, to them, it's probably not a "moral value".

  • At 5:25 AM, Blogger Shaula Evans said…

    Take the time you need to despair, and then roll up your sleeves.

    We're taking the fight to them.

  • At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "..Dear about 59 million Americans (you know who you are):

    Go to hell, you goddamn, mother-fucking, cunt-faced, dick-smacking, turd-sandwiched, Hot Carl-loving, cocksucking, tit-licking, cum-mongering, douchebagging, whore-killing, fellatio-retarded, piss-drinking, clit-witted, ass-smelling, penisheaded, shit-wearing, slutastic, prick-eating, double-pussied, sons of bastardly bitches.

    What the FUCK is wrong with you?

    And you ENDORSE this..haha..this is exactly why jackasses like you will never get it. " way or no way....waaaa....I'm gonna call you names if I don't get my way...waaaa"

    Pretty annoying, isn't it....

    In have been have been have been found wanting..

    Cheers - Sylvain


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