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Ok, this is sad. No one even noticed that he was dead? His life was of such significance, that in four days, no one though, "Gee, I haven't heard from Allan for a while." None of his neighbors thought that it was odd that the newspapers were piling up in the driveway. Or that the front door was open (ok, I made that part up.) But seriously, no one noticed that he died for FOUR days? That is like my idea of hell, that no one would notice when I stop.

And why bother putting this guy on trial? I mean, really? Isn't our judicial system busy enough that we have to overwhelm it with stupid prosecutions. Did he really hurt anyone? Are the prosecuting Jan-tit for her Superbowl performance as well?? I saw more from her than from this guy. (Granted, we have TiVo and there was much rewinding and pausing going on at our all-adult party.)

And while I'm at stupid prosecutions, prostitution should be legal. First, prostitution already exists. If you think otherwise, merely b/c it's illegal, then you are naive. Second, by making prostitution legal, the women who are selling their bodies on the streets will not have to be abused by the pimps who "own" them or the Johns. Third, they will have safe places to work, meaning brothels. Fourth, periodic testing for STDs would take place, making prostitution safer for both the prostitutes and their Johns. (Think about the porn industry which just shut down for a period after the periodic testing showed that someone was HIV positive. Would be a lot better to incorporate this into prostitution as well.) Fifth, from a practical matter, prisons would then be able to house the people who deserve to be there, those who have a true victim in a crime, rather than victimless "offenders." Right now, rapists serve 18 months because the prisons are overcrowded. The number of prostitutes (and drug users) who are in jail rather than rapists is disgusting. Sixth, the federal government could tax prostitution, opening up an entire new subset of people who currently are not paying taxes. Seventh, sex - even sex between strangers - is legal. Moreover, women who are mistresses get gifts and apartments, clothes, etc. What makes it different if its money rather than a gift? And eighth, and just purely for my enjoyment as an employment attorney, prostitutes could be card carrying union members. How hysterical would it be when they went on strike??


  • At 5:18 PM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said…

    Damn Girl welcome to the blog world! I am looking forward to wireless blog rants soon!

  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger Erinna said…

    Go, girl...welcome to the blogosphere! :)


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