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Need A Date?

So maybe I'm the last person in American to learn about this, but in the latest issue of Crate and Barrel, Marc, a photo assistant, slipped his name and number on a dry erase board in an office photo.

The "Dinner with Marc" message is gaining him attention - and dates. He said that he has over 5000 calls and is going on a country wide tour, going on dates with all sorts of people (couples, singles, interesting people).

His number is 510.872.7326 for those who can't read it in the photo, don't get Crate and Barel, and want to have dinner with Mark. He is travelling around the country. In fact, he'll be in the Cleveland area in January (good planning there!) so perhaps I should call him...

At first Crate and Barrel was upset, but as the publicity mounted, he reported that they are ok with it, though he does owe the CEO dinner


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