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Ladies Night

Ok, what idiot brought this complaint?
Let me share a secret about Ladies Night. Girls go to Ladies Nights for the cheaper drinks. All that does is directly benefit the guys. I mean, come on guys, let's be realistic, YOU are the one buying my drinks anyway. Wouldn't you rather pay less for them? ;-) Seriously, though, women go because of the cheaper alcohol, men go because that's where the women are. Are you really gonna complain about that? (Well, obviously...) The fact is, if it was just a regular night, the guys at the bar would probably outnumber the girls. At least with ladies night, there is a greater chance that the numbers are equal. In other words, Ladies Night benefits men. I can see how some would complaint that it's discriminatory, but lots of things in life are discriminatory. The fact that I only make 75 cents for every dollar you make is a lot more discriminatory than some private bar deciding to give me drink specials, knowing that the women will come in, which will bring the men in, in order for them to make money. That's just smart business. I suppose you could argue that so is paying women less...but come on.

The lottery is $150 million. So far I've bought $152 dollars of tickets. Well, actually, I've paid $7 in two separate pools, but that combined has given me copies of 152 tickets. So clearly I'm going to win the lottery just because I have so many chances to do so...(Then I guess I can pay full price for a drink, right?)

On Yahoo Launch radio there is a Hair Flare station. How friggin' cool is that? There is also an Old School Grunge Rock and a BIg Hits of the 80s station. I never need a real radio again...


  • At 11:06 AM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said…

    What did you do before your blog? I mean who did you share all this juiciness with?


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