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Gutting the Geneva Convention

When you don't wanna follow the Geneva Convention (or when you are caught violating it by transferring a dozen non-Iraqi prisoners out of Iraq in the past 18 months, in violation of a provision in the conventions that bars civilians from being deported from occupied territories), just decide that it doesn't apply.

Me, I'm glad that the Bush administration has ruled this way. I mean, that means that when terrorists do the same to us, they are technically obeying the law. The short sightedness of this administrationi s astounding. Does he not realize that everything he does (such as preemptively striking a nation that poses no harm and gutting the Geneva Convention) he creates a past practice for other countries to do the same thing. And as any attorney will tell you, stare decisis, whether a good or bad decision, is a powerful tool.


  • At 1:50 PM, Blogger Cam Smith said…

    Maybe Bush has adopted the "if you can't beat em, join em" approach to fighting terrorism. In good olde fashioned southern style, he's gonna terrorize them terrorists right back.

    As far as his short-sightedness goes, if his Reagan and Bush I had been a little more far-sighted with their foreign policies, there may never have been a terrorist threat to begin with. It's ironic how far-reaching republican short-sightedness is.


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