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The highs and lows of emotions

So in an half an hour of watching tv yesterday, I saw the last 5 minutes of Center Stage and cried, and last 5 minutes of Signs (a truly horrible movie, and one I’ve seen before) and cried and had to drive to the grocery store to buy cheese. Umm...I suspect that someone has PMS. (I just freaked out every male reader, didn’t I?) This doesn’t count all the emotions I had during the Ohio State game. I learned some swear words I didn’t even know that I knew. Ugh. Now I want lemon juice. (For the record, I want lemon juice b/c I want to make avgolemono. I don't just want to drink lemon juice. I said that I suspected I have PMS, not that I was pregnant!)

In watching Launch, I was reminded how much I adore REM’s video Bad Day. You can also catch it on REM’s website. It’s brilliant. What I like about Launch though, is that it’s as random as me. It just went from REM to Josh Groban. Find me a radio station with that type of variety.

And I hated more than anything else working on a sunny Saturday. Every one I fear is the last of the year. Ugh! (At least it's cold out today, so I'm not so bitter.) But I have thousands upon thousands of documents to get through. STILL! I'm going cross-eyed. (And yes, I've been drinking some as I've been doing diligence - wouldn't you be? - but I don't think that's why I'm seeing double.)


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