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I woke up this morning to the news that Christopher Reeve died. Though not unexpected (he looked almost translucent his last public appearance), the news left me quite sad. Due to my age, I obviously grew up with Superman as an idol. It's hard not to - the character Superman is a true hero, without flaw. As I grew up, Christopher reeve became just another actor, typecast as Superman, the ultimate hero, and no other role seemed appropriate for him.

In 1995, we learned what a true hero was. When he was paralyzed from the neck down, doctors saying he would never move again, unable to even breathe on his own, given a 7 year life expectancy, rather than hide from the world that once associated him with a super hero who could not be hurt, he showed great courage in making his plight public. He showed the strength of will (able to breathe off the respirator for periods of time, able to slightly move his fingers, toes, elbows, and feel hot and cold after he was told it wasn't possible.) And most importantly, giving a voice to stem cell research.

Was he the first person who suffered for a disease or disability that stem cell research could potentially cure? Absolutely not. However, an average joe isn't going to garner the attention calling for stem cell research that Christoper Reeve was able to due to his celebrity. He can't speak at the Academy Awards. The Democratic National Convention. That is unfortunate that so many had no voice for years, and yet, wonderful that Christopher Reeve gave a voice to to such an important cause.

It appears that when I was a child, I choose my heroes wisely...


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