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OK, now let's give props to the French

Now why is it that MY mail gets returned to sender if I forget to include the apartment number in a complex where there are only 12 apartments total, but THIS guy gets his mail that is just address to “Alfred, Charles de Gaulle airport???” Seriously, what's up with that?

AAGH! Fireworks Saturday after the baseball game. Must attend after skydiving! Fireworks!!!

"The Bush administration has refused to accept the finding of the 9/11 Commission that there was no collaborative effort between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Vice President Dick Cheney said he "probably" has information he didn't share with the commission." Gee, Dick, what the hell was the point of the commission if you weren't going to share your wealth of information emassed by hiding for the last three years?? The White House insisting that there is a link in the face of all evidence to the contrary - including the bipartisan commission findings - is both crazy and completely in character. And then certain individuals on the commission backtracking, suggesting no, their position and the White House's position don't contradict. Whatever. That disgusts me. I'm still at work, so I'm disgusted enough right now.

So even though I have a house and must not spend money just b/c I want to, I just bought seven shirts from NorthernSun (which, by the way, rocks). A few examples.


Well-Behaved Women


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