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Planning a wedding

You always hear the stereotypes of girls planning weddings in their heads since childhood. And I scoffed at that - I didn’t even have Barbies, let alone a Barbie to Ken wedding (since Barbie and Ken broke up, is there a new guy?) But yesterday, after reading Erin’s blog, I realized I actually do have a dream wedding. First, as Jen noted,, I want to walk down the aisle to REM’s It’s The End Of The World As We Know It. I actually see this as a romantic song to get married to. After all, it would be the end of my life as I know it - that being the single one. And hopefully, as the song goes, I will feel fine about that decision. Warm fuzzies all over - and not just due to the alcohol I’ll need to drink to actually go through will getting married with the concept of *forever.* Second, I want to wear my converse tennis shows. It’s my friggin day, I want comfort. Third, I have chosen who I want the DJ to be, because I have a monster crush on him. Ooh, a picture:
I am sure that my husband to be would have no objection to me drooling over the random DJ on our wedding day. (I’ll be conspicuous in my drooling). Fourth, there are a few songs I want to hear. I want to choose the music. Or at least largely so. But the rest of it - colors and cakes and seating and whatever else goes into it - ick. I don’t give a shit, and he can plan as he wants.


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