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Yet another reason why Bush is a bad leader...

DIRTY POLITICS..."Yesterday, the Bush-Cheney campaign, losing any last sense of decency, placed a disgusting ad called "The Faces of John Kerry's Democratic Party" as the main feature on its website. Bizarrely, and without explanation, the ad places Adolf Hitler among those faces." Don't believe it? Check it out.

It's the "Pessimism" one. The disgusting part is that most of the dirty politics have been from HIM, not from Kerry. And usually it's the challenger, because the incumbent can run on his record. Bush has absolutely no record to run on other than negativism, lies, war, awful foresight, illegal legislation, and corporate greed. Those aren't exactly selling points.But seriously, what exactly does John Kerry have to do with Hitler? That's absolutely disgusting.

You named your child ESPN? That is asking for him to be beat up. And there are at least three of them? What is wrong with the world??


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