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The Village

Don't waste your money. I was pretty disappointed in this. And considering the fact that I got to stare at Joaquin Phoenix for a while, that says a lot. First, the one "twist" was evident a mile away. The other "twist" (the real twist) I didn't see, but the other three people I was with did. I was staring at the movie, mouth agape, thinking, "what the fuck??" The characters are well developed, and anything with Joaquin is adorable, but really, the movie itself, it finished and I thought, "this guys gets weirder and weirder with each movie." The plot line was just...silly. Silly like "water kills aliens in Signs" silly. Irritatingly nonbelievable. I am always scared, so I was often frightened, hiding behind my hands, but it really wasn't scary. It was just the promise of being scary. The best part was when Joaquin was being all romantic, b/c he's just adorable. Then, it was raining when the movie got out, and all I wanted to do was dance in the rain. I love summer rain...

OOH! Can Wickman save game #2?? Of course, yesterday was an off day, but I'm wondering if he should try to pitch in a one run game. He's kinda inconsistent. He usually gives ulcers in his saves. For example, one out and the tying run on second base. Ooh! Two outs. BUT a runner at third base (on a passed ball). And Randa up. Full count. Oh, the drama. I hate baseball. I really do. But the Twins lost AND White Sox have lost their 6th game in a row. So if we win, we are 4 1/2 out of first place. More importantly (because come on, we are NOT playoff material just yet), we could be only HALF a game behind the White Sox. This is important because I hate the White Sox. Randa is 5 for 18 against Wickman in his career too. ONE MORE PITCH...ball four. And Sweeney is now up. Talk about a hitter you DON'T want to see. He's 2 for 6 against Wickman. And it's a tie game. In extra innings (Omar cut down Randa at the plate for the win.) Damn baseball...Extra innings. But guess that means Wickman can't get save #2, even though he had an off day. Gak!


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