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Meandering thoughts of the day...

Bitch Counsel's motion for sanctions was denied. Our motion to amend the answer (the reason for the motion for sanctions; she agreed to "withdraw" her motion if we withdrew our motion to amend and removed the argument from our (still pending) summary judgment brief) was granted. Take that, BC! On a related note, there is a FOURTH person on this case now. At one time, I was #2. Now I'm #4. But I think I'm actually #3, because I think the third person they put on was taken off the case when the put the fourth person on. He's a partner, so it's two partners and me, the lowely associate. Preparing for my first trial.

My Greek relatives are again descending upon my house. Yikes. The last time they were here, I may or may not have mentioned, they broke my sink (since fixed). I laid down the law this time: if a contact falls down the sink, it's staying down the sink. No taking the pipes of my house apart.  (I actually found it all quite funny, I was just pissy b/c I wanted to leave.) The bad news: I haven't done laundry since they were here, which is twofold bad: (1) I have no clean towels for them!! and (2) I am out of clean clothes and had to wear a skirt today. Yes, a skirt. Shock and awe at this tragic turn of events. Actually, despite my joshing, I don't mind skirts. What I do mind is being FORCED to wear a skirt, whether it is for Easter Sunday, court, or because I ran out of clothes. I think this goes to my inability to not have myself be in total control of everything.

I also discovered a huge bruise that I can only conclude is from paintball. It's right where I got hit, but I hadn't seen a bruise there at the time. Now I have this yellow thing. It's either that or jaundice (which I had when I was a baby. I guess I was bubble girl for a while. I don't remember it though.)

I am not sure I could meet a potential soul mate at a Ugly Man festival.

And you knew it was only a matter of time before "Girley Men" became a t-shirt to wear.  I still want the Michael Stipe t-shirt, which isn't exactly like this, but similar. (His is light blue/grey with the navy trim.)

And now off to happy hour...


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