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Way too many Greeks in one place

You might as well know. I'm a sci-fi freak. Especially Star Wars. So I am dorky enough to be uber excited about this.  Revenge of the Sith. I think the title is great. I wasn't a fan of the first two of the prequels: The Phanton Menace and Attack of the Clones.  But this title is brilliant. This title is fantastic. This title takes it back to Return of the Jedi (my favorite movie b/c the good guys win. Yes, I understand every *true* Star Wars fans says The Empire Strikes Back is the best. But I like to see the good guys win. Take that. And this story line *should* be much better than the first two (though obviously, the bad guys win), because of how much is left to do. Anakin turns bad, kills all the Jedi sans Yoda  (my absolute philosophic idol) and Obi-Wan, and the big battle where he falls into the acid to turn himself "more machine than man, twisted and evil." How does that tie into his own mother dying and the temper that flared then?? Ooh, I am very most excited for May 2005. Will it be any good? "Difficult to see, the future. Always in motion." Ok, I'll stop.

So I had a family reunion yesterday. This wasn't my immediately family gathering like 4th of July weekend (which had 35 people at my house...and a dog.) This was my huge,, 200 person family in-from-as-far-away-as-New-Mexico reunion. (Aside: my 90 year old aunt from St. Louis shouldn't be flying by herself at all. Or driving. Examole: she was driving last month and forgot where she was going and why she was behind the wheel. So she just keep going until she remembered - three hours later when she was VERY far away from home!)

The silly thing about having it this year is that so many of my relatives are currently in Greece b/c of the Olympics this year. No, there were no throwing plates (after all, it was a picnic, and paper plates  don't crash the same.)  But the hard thing is that I feel like an outcast there. First, the cousins closest in age to me - 8-10 years older than me are all married with kids, with the exception, of course, of me. So they start asking me when I'm going to. Now, it's bad enough when my grandparents (and like-minded older relatives who fail to understand why I needed a career) are asking me when I'm going to get married (my grandmother desperately wants great grandchildren). But when the ones I played with as kids are asking, I'm irritated. They actually told me that my biological clock was ticking and as I get older, it's harder to have children. I'm not even kidding. I'm 28!! Don't I have to be in my 30s before I start to obsess about that biological clock?? And they later said something about handing out with their "really young" friends for their 30th birthday next month and I said, "I'm not 30 yet." My one cousin says to me, "yes you are, you're just a couple of years younger than me." And I ask how old she is (I know they are all several years older than me - they were in high school when I was in elementary school) and she says she's 38. (Can I point out her kids are 4 and 2, so she had them at 34 and 36 and that's several years older than me and I never asked her about her biological clock before she had them.)  And anyway, that's 10 years older than me, not a couple. Then I start to think, "Do I look like I'm 36?? I mean, it's only been a year since I've been carded going to see a rated R movie. I'm usually told I look young. Now I look like I'm 36? What does this mean?" Sigh.

Anyway, outcast. The hard thing about the huge reunions is, where do I fit in with my family?? There are obvious "groups" and I'm groupless. I'm not the old generation (i.e. the grandparents; the start of it all), and I'm not with the cousins (i.e. of which there are two, the older ones; my mom's generation and the younger ones, my mom's siblings who are much younger than her and therefore, are about 20 years younger than the other cousins). Then there are the original set of cousin's kids, of which I am one. But the older cousins, those cousins are all 10 years old than me (my parents didn't have children for a long time. I'm not sure to what extent they waited in the first place and to what extent the two miscarriages before me influenced it. (A psychic once told me I was a middle child. I told the psychic she was wrong, I was the oldest. She again told me no, I was the middle child. That night I fought out that my mom had two miscarriages before I was born in the later months, and with my two younger siblings, I am the middle child of five.))  Anyway, the point being, that I'm younger than the cousins of the older counsins. But I'm about ten years older than the kids of the younger cousins. Then the kids of the older cousins all have kids as well - all under the age of 4, so there are about 8 of them running around who are all the same age. But around MY age is my cousin 2 years older (in Afghanistan), my sister and brother, 3 and 5 years apart respectively and who I see all the time anyway, and my godbrothers and sister, who are closer in age, but we have little in common - and two of them are married and the third had two kids (yes, without being married. Family scandal at the time.) The next ones are all 10 years younger. They are high school seniors (or just about to start college) so we don't exactly have a lot in common. So where do I go? I wander around a lot from group to group, always slightly feelings left out, despite the fact that I'm surrounded by 200 Greek family.

Then, because I'm obnoxious (which I'm sure comes as a great shock), and because many in my family have conservative tendencies, I was wearing one of my political shirts. (I'm not allowed to talk about politics to my family. So I don't talk, I just try to make statements.) Actually, my mother has given me a list of people I'm not allowed to talk to. I'm not allowed to talk to my one uncle about anything b/c I dislike him and will tell him what I think of him, in fact, have been dying to do so for 2 years. I'm not allowed to talk to my cousin's best friend about anything b/c we got into it at the bridal shower when I explained that Bush was the anti-Christ. We had a misunderstanding. I misunderstood that she had a brain, and she misunderstood that I gave a crap what she thought of me. And just yesterday she added an older uncle about politics, who at the time was commenting about the Democrats and the war. ( Literally.) 

Finally, it's Shark Week on the Discovery channel. Yes, I like the Discovery Channel. Again, I'm a dork. But I just never got into Shark Week. I'm not sure why. They just bore me. What is the obsession with sharks, can anyone explain??

Ok, now that all my relatives are gone, I mowed the front lawn at least, started pulling off the obnoxious grapes border in the kitchen (without muh success and discovered where I was successful that the wall is grey underneath) and I bailed on the Greek festival b/c I have to work, I need to actually get to work and stop goofing around. On the up side, in true Stephanie logic, I didn't actually lose any time; I've been watching the Indians game the entire time and come'on, it's not like I'd really work during the game anyway. Grade Sizemore is apparently doing ok. He had the game winning hit last night in the bottom of the 9th, and today, he got his first major league home run.  And he's kinda cute. Granted, he's no Jody Gerut. But he's cute. And since he plays center field, I don't expect him to take playing time away from Jody, so he's ok. More later about Friday and my brilliant singing debut.  Hey, I'm getting ready: American Idol is coming to Cleveland August 4.  And since they increased the age limit to 28; I'm right there baby...


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