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I heard Edward Norton speak last week. He discussed the attack on our civil liberties and pointed out that the Constitution (currently being ignored) was actually just a list of complaints to another tryant named George. I found him very interesting.

The fact that not enough people seem to care about this assault on our civil liberties is astonishing. All I can think about is how far we got in the 50s before someone FINALLY said, "Have you no decency sir? Have you no shame?" and before it finally sunk in what was going on around them. Until it gets so bad that people are going to hear that statement and REALLY hear it, it won't make a difference. Right now, those of us asking the questions are like an annoying bug. Sooner or later, sink in. It's just a matter of waiting. And every time I think that it has to be almost dawn, it gets a little darker...

So it’s awful when Kerry points out that Cheney’s daughter a lesbian and it wasn't a choice but being who she is, but it’s
ok when Alan Keyes calls her a "selfish hedonist??" I don’t get Republicans.

And I have to say - I was glad to see Clinton out on the campaign trial. It's good tosee that he's doing better.

On a personal front, a few more things from polling voters last week. First, Rooy - is that a guy or girls name? And how is it pronounced? Second, as I might have mentioned, some compassionate conservative told me to go to hell. Nice... Third, I am really bad at numbers. I actually have dyscalculia. So I'm making calls and trying to be VERY precise. And I get a hold of a woman and ask to speak to the woman. She tells me - who is that? I told Mario to end it with her. I will kill him" and hung up on me. So Mario, man, I'm sorry. Annie was the next woman I was supposed to call, and it's just bloody bad luck that you apparently had an affair with an Annie.

Fourth, I tried changing a light bulb by myself - failed. You know those jokes, how many blondes does it take to change a light bulb? I can't laugh anymore. I have lost that right. Actually, let's review my weekend. I drove to PA for dinner. On the drive back on Saturday night (yes, I drove there on Saturday am and drove - most of the way - back Saturday night), my car starts jerking. NOT good. All I know to do to a car is put in gas, put in oil, and check to see if the the tires are flat. (No, I can't CHANGE a tire. I know HOW to, but i'm not strong enough to take off the lugnuts, as I learned on 90 on my way to Boston one year). Anyway, I decide to put in oil because I'm 10,000 miles OVER my last scheduled oil change (lecture me later). Anyway, I buy oil (the wrong numbers, I later learned, but who knew oil had numbers anyway?) and I go to put it in. I'm not strong enough to take the oil cap off. I'm at some gas station, 30 miles away and still 5 1/2 hours away from home, totally alone in the world, and ready to cry b/c it's 10:00 pm and I can't get the oil cap off. So after half an hour, I just give up and decide to go home and fuck it. My car didn't blow up; I consider this a positive step.

Then Sunday night, I have the 4 lights in the family room, and 3 are burnt out, so it's dark and hard to see. I don't have the right TYPE of light bulb, but hey, I have a light bulb, right? So whatever. I get my step stool to reach it. I grab the light bulb - and shatter it. Cut my thumb. Blood. Ickiness. Again I'm ready to cry b/c I'm a miserable failure at this entire house thing and what the hell was I thinking when I thought that I could be a responsible adult?? And then my cats want to see what's going on so they walk over. I jump off the stool (and cut my foot - more blod and more ickiness) and try to usher them away, but my one cat refuses to budge. So I put him in his cage right near me. Go upstairs and get the vacuum cleaner and turn it on - and my cat starts having a heart attack right there in the cage b/c of the vacuum cleaner. AAGH! So after I get all that taken care of, I go back to try to change the light bulbs because it's obviously still dark. Except the one that is shattered, I can't grab it to twist it off without cutting myself more (now my pointer finge is bleeding and ickiness.) So I go to a different one (if at first you don't succeed, give up and try something else). Anyway, THAT one I manage to take the light bulb off...from the part that is screwed in. So litererally, I'm holding the light bulb and the screw part is STILL screwed in. Sigh. So I've been in the dark...


  • At 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had no idea you had car trouble on the way back - you should have called me on my cell phone! Not that I would have been useful, or anything. But I feel bad that you broke down out there.


  • At 10:10 PM, Blogger melyssa said…

    >>>but i'm not strong enough to take off the lugnuts<<<

    yes you are! just use the lugnut loosener thingy (you can tell i'm a car person, eh?) and use your feet to put pressure on that handle and loosen the lugnuts. i've done it a couple of times. but be careful when you step on it that you don't push the handle into the shin of your other fun on the ground ... kinda painful.

    just a little advice from my dad to you!

  • At 10:11 PM, Blogger melyssa said…

    that was supposed to say foot, not fun ... i just got out of class ... my brain is tired


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