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Thoughts from a Serviceman

"We're fighting two wars and he gives tax cuts depriving us of much needed equipment (equipment that would save lives) to give 95% of the tax break to the nations most 4% wealthy. The response here is yeah, but Kerry is for abortion. NO HE ISN'T!! No one is for abortion. He's against the government legislating what a woman can and can't do with her body. Bush and his let's legislate morality while I get richer and kids die to help my oil empire is wearing very thin with me. If the troops in Iraq were over here instead the Taliban wouldn't be able to move without getting lit up, but no we have to fight one legitimate war on top of an illegitimate one with no plans for either."

I wonder where Bush gets his idea that the soldiers are blindly following him? You can give them a gun, you can tell them to defend us, and they will do it because it's their job. But don't pretend that they are so stupid that they don't see what is going on.


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Days until Bush leaves office.
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