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Need A Job? How About Mayor Of Cleveland??

For all my friends searching for a job: If you go to, and type in "Mayor" and "Cleveland," you will find an opening for Mayor of a Major City in the United States.

Job Description
Seeking qualified applicants for mayor of a major city in the United States – recently named No. 1 in poverty. Successful candidate will have a proven managerial track record and significant experience as a change agent in “turn-around” situations. Work experience must be significant and will be carefully reviewed. Applicant must have the skill to develop metrics for each of the city’s departments, oversee advisory boards that will advise department heads in both best practices and fresh organizational and managerial concepts. Successful applicant will possess the skill to interact with local constituencies and to embrace community ideas and to sell advanced concepts that can both improve city services while reducing costs. Applicant must have the skill to streamline and modernize the goals and objectives of city departments, and reduce current bureaucratic processes. Applicant must be charismatic, and be able to inspire and lead through adversity to achieve strategic vision. Residence in the city is required. Campaign will be well funded by concerned citizens with passion for the city, and who will help on a continuing basis. Send resume in confidence.

Need further convincing? How about some basics?
Company: Confidential
Status: Full Time, Employee
Job Category: Executive Management
Relevant Work Experience: 7+ to 10 Years
Career Level: Senior Executive (President, CFO, etc)
Occupation: Executive Management, Other
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

Fewer things strike me as funny right now as this does. I mean, we just advertised a mayorial position -- subject to an election -- on MONSTER. Yes, that is how you know that you have fallen far. I'm a little concerned about these "concerned citizens with a passion for Cleveland." Let's say that you run for office - fully funded by them, as promised. Let's now stretch reality and say that you won. These "concerned citizens" are going to "help on a continuing basis." Does that mean that once mayor, you have to answer to them? That they are calling the shots, and you are just like the Queen of England, just a figurehead? That's of concern. If they are paying for your campaign, when do they collect and what is that collection? Just something for my friends, who are updating their resumes, to consider.

(Originally discovered by Regina Brett at the Plain Dealer. The article is here.)


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