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So I went to a small college that has remained nameless on this blog. (There were only about 1600 students at the time, now about 2000 students.) Anyway, I haven't ever mentioned the school that I attended (in other words, no Googling my school and getting to my blog.)

Anyway, imagine my surprise today when I saw that someone at my college read my blog. Even more than that, I know what building they were in, and they were in the political science building (my major; I spent a lot of time in that building. More so in the philosophy building, but lots of time in that poly sci building).

And I've been out of college for over 6 going, on 7 years (NO FUCKING WAY IS IT THAT LONG?! OMG! I'M OLD) So it's not like I know anyone left at the school.

This is tuly a small world after all. I thought that was rather cool.

And yes, I am such a dork.

(Oh, and a future work clique member was online today, from her law school in Columbus Ohio. Hi J! She has one semester before she takes the bar exam, then joins our firm. Yay! She also recently got married and went on her honeymoon - a better use than I ever made of third year! For the record, I am desperate to go have martinis J! Bomb pops. YUM! Are you coming to the Christmas party?? Jim said he fears that it won't be as wild as in years past without, well, three people who left before you started this summer. I tend to agree. Then again, when attorneys and staff hook up (married on both parts) I'm not so sure that a somewhat tamer party is a bad thing - though I will miss SP on karaoke!)


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