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I am lawyer, hear me roar

First, I have this case that deals with ERISA. Which I don't know or understand. Can't people just sexually harass someone. Pension claims? Huh? So anyway, I have a MSJ due soon (one I already got an extension for b/c I'm incompetent and have no idea what the case is about), and Yoda expressed doubt to me. About me. :( I was beyond crushed as, I'll let a secret out of the bag here -- I hero worship Yoda.
Yoda: Do you feel ok about this case? I'm sensing you don't get it.
Me: (Lying through my teeth): No, I feel ok about it.
Yoda: Are you sure? Because I'm not sure that you understand the issues in this case.
Me: (Thinking: "Issues...ummm...he's suing us. That's an issue.") Well, how about this? I'll give you the facts on Tuesday, and you can look over it. That way, if I'm wrong, you have three weeks to draft the facts and argument yourself.

So that was what we agreed. I was here until 1 am Monday night finishing the facts. I had no idea what I needed included to win this case. You know, usually you know the facts, and it's the law that matters. But here, I didn't even know what FACTS I wanted to get across. NOT a good plan of attack.

BUT I got it back, and Yoda liked it. Hip hip, hurrah!

Second, I learned that in Maryland, caselaw discussing rape refer to it as "carnak knowledge of female." How very...disturbing.


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