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We should all be scared when I'm a better lawyer than my opponent

I've been in depositions for the last two days. Now, this is the second time I've gotten to defend the depos by myself. The first time was with Bitch Counsel, and she of course was evil and made my cry. I exaggerate not...this time. (Mainly b/c I don't have to in order to get my point across.) So I'm somewhat tenative about this experiement. I mean, Yoda gave me the opportunity again to defend the deps, so I guess he hasn't lost total confidence in me, a bonus, but still. Anyway, this was interesting b/c Plaintiff's counsel knew nothing about employment law. I went off the record three times to explain employment law (like HIPAA or the FMLA) to him so as not the embarass him ON the record.

How bad was it? At one point I asked him what type of law he practiced. "Death penalty cases and business litigation...why do you ask?" Umm...let's see. Because you know nothing about employment law maybe?? Ugh!

And then he had the audacity to ask ME if I was a real attorney. "You just don't look old enough to be out of law school." Umm...thanks asshole. First, I at least know what the fuck I'm talking about with respect to the law at issue. Second, I was already irritated b/c I found about 10 grey hairs this morning. So now is NOT the day to mock my age. Grr...

Oh, and he's pissy b/c I haven't responded to his settlement demand. You want to know what his demand was? "Maybe we should consider settling this case before we spend a lot of money in attorney's fees." There was no beeping number for me to respond to! WTF?

And he wants me to bring an entire department into town to depose them. They are out of state - in Texas. Well out of the court's jurisdiction. And there are 23 caseworkers. He thinks I should fly 23 people in, from out of the jurisdiction, b/c he doesn't want the expense of flying there. I told him we can take it the the Judge.

The one thing they never taught you in law school was how obnoxious opposing counsel would be.


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