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Airing Voter Fraud Concerns

Random Thoughs on Politics has posted about the dirty politics in this election. Interesting reading. It obviously focuses mostly on the attempts to intimidate voters.

And also great reading, Respectful of Others writes an great post on applying common sense to the fear of "voter fraud." It will likely not amount to any actual voter fraud. And for the record, I am one of those people that she is referring to who is registered in two counties. I moved in June, sent in my registration in, and got my new information about two weeks ago. Maybe three. But when I wasn't sure where I was supposed to vote, I called my old county, and I am still registgered there. It's not illegal unless I vote twice. But does that mean that there could be more registered voters in Medina County than actual voting age individuals. Maybe.

But she discussed the three alleged problems (according to Republicans), that being (1) People are registering at addresses where they don't live, as evidenced by returned mail; (2) There are more registered voters than eligible voters in some Ohio cities; and (3) People have been submitting voter registrations under names like "Mary Poppins" and "Mickey Mouse." She gives answers for the first two, showing how they aren't problems at all, and not even suggestive of voter fraud. The third one is a problem, b/c the NAACP was actually paying individuals to register voters. I am sure that everyone heard about the crack for voter registration story. Of course, other than the NAACP registration where individuals were paid for the numbers they registered and independently decided to lie to get more money, there has been no evidence that any of the VOLUNTEERS registering voters have registered even one ineligible individual, try as they may. So this problem isn't as widespread as they would like us to believe. More importantly, Mary Poppins may have registered to vote - and that challenge is legitimate. But Mary Poppins isn't actually GOING to show up to vote. So that (legitimate) third concern really isn't a real concern - but highlights why no organization should be able to pay individuals to register voters.


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