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Lunar Eclipses and Politics

First, everyone remember to watch the full lunar eclipse tonight. It would have been cooler if it actually occurred on Halloween, but we’ll take what we can get.

Second, looks like the Republicans in Florida are planning to steal the election again. "Two e-mails, prepared for the executive director of the Bush campaign in Florida and the campaign's national research director in Washington DC, contain a 15-page so-called "caging list".
It lists 1,886 names and addresses of voters in predominantly black and traditionally Democrat areas of Jacksonville, Florida." However, going after a minority such as African Americans to prevent them from voting is against the law. Interestingly enough, as the Washington Post points out, "Republicans are spending these last precious days devoting nearly as much energy to suppressing the Democratic vote as they are to mobilizing their own. " Yes, here in the US everyone vote counts - except when the Republicans don't want it to...

Third, more proof that the smart people are voting Kerry. "Strikingly, Bush leads Kerry in the poll among lower- and middle-income white voters, but trails his rival among whites earning at least $100,000 per year. Bush also runs best among voters without college degrees, whereas Kerry leads not only among college-educated women (a traditional Democratic constituency), but among college-educated men — usually one of the electorate's most reliably Republican groups in the electorate."

Finally, via Erin - isn't this fucking frightening?? The interesting this is, over the weekend the Judge was talking about how it was odd b/c when Bush's father was in the white house, he would campaign for him and spoke well. I wonder...


  • At 9:16 PM, Blogger Matthew said…

    I'm watching the eclipse now!

    Ah, the heavens are beautiful.

    Take care.


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