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The Return of Stephanie's Obsession with Ken Jennings

It's been a while since I've talked about Ken Jennings. After the rumor broke that Ken would lose in his 75th game, that took some of the fun out of it. But now, it's time to start paying attention again. Assuming the rumor is true, we are (for the first time since June 2 - Ken's first game - looking at someone else as Jeopardy champion. Specifically, Ken is at 67 wins and has won $2,272,600. If my calculations are correct, that means that Ken's last day winning Jeopardy will be Tuesday the 16th and his last show will be Wednesday the 17th. Let the countdown begin. I mean, it's been 5 1/2 months. And granted, it went on hiatus, and have more tournaments than anything. But still...the end is coming, and it's something that I never thought would happen.

OSU beat Michigan State. And if you looked at the final score -- 32-19 -- you'd miss out of the fact that with 3 minutes left, OSU was actually DOWN, 17-19. (It was a bad three minutes for Michigan State.) The game was important b/c it made OSU bowl eligible. I hate "rebuilding" years.

Read a book, get oral sex? Those poor NY officials must have been so embarassed. Didn't they think that "get brain" was a funny slogan? Just sounds odd? Evidentally not.

And so, my father owes me some money from the last several cell phone bills, which I just don't think about and pay. So he goes out and buys me (brace yourself) a leaf blower. A leaf blower! Why? I think those are pretentious. I make fun of leaf blower people. And now I am one?? I had a $4 rake that I *thought* could do the job, but evidentally I was wrong. My neighborhood, with all the lawn nazi, and now he wants me to become PART of it? Ugh!


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