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Mother Nature

Just a few notable problems for the environment:

--Congress has authorized drilling in the protected Yukon Wildlife Refuge in Alaska
--Congress has opened up the East Coast's largest undeveloped island for commercial exploration
--Congress has slashed clean water spending by $242 million
--The Kyoto Protocol (enough said - but I'd point out that the US is the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases)
--On that subject, refusing to even utter the words "climate change," and insisting that it is "climate variability," whatever the hell that means.

--Rejecting mandatory reductions in greenhouse gases (Bush claims that they would have a "negative economic impact.")
--2004 was the 4th hottest year on record. And actually, the top ten hottest years have all occurred since 1990 (ok, maybe not here in Ohio. Though all 3 feet of my snow from Christmas week has melted)

Just a few noteworthy enivornmental miscues. Sucks to be Mother Nature. No wonder she is pissed off.


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