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So next week is our evaluations. Yikes. I was all nervous when all they were doing was handing me money. I hate the evaluations. It doesn't help that this is the ONLY chance we have to hear when we are going something wrong (we are really bad with feedback here) and so you may find out something you've been doing for 11 months or so is completely wrong and everyone hates you because of it. Our firm isn't very big on communication. We are expected to have our notaries. Of course, no one TELLS you this, they just get mad when you aren't one. I know some of the things I'll hear. I take things too seriously, I get too involved, I am not emotionally detached enough (right now I hear all the people who actually know me saying, "I am not emotionally detached enough? Is that even possible? Gee, thanks.) Either way, it's never a fun experience, and I'm not really looking forward to this.

Then, there is also some training session that is for associates only. The one partner was in my office, and he pointed to the "Appearance, Poise and Business Etiquette" and he said, "POISE." D'oh. He recommended that I join this little training session. I am so hesitant. First, it's limited to 6 people. 4 people have signed up so far, and they are the biggest (associate) proponents of the "boys club" that is pervasive around here. So is this just going to be them talking about the firm basketball team and firm softball team? (Both are limited to men, by the way. Females are not allowed to play. However, I was told that for softball, I could go to the games and be the cheerleader. I am not even kidding. Ahhh...bite me.) The second reason why I don't want to be involved is that I am not at all comfortable with the partner leading it. (Who happens to be my mentor, which, in case anyone was curious, is most inconvenient.)

I just don't know. They talk about the leaders of the firm, but I have no desire to be a leader. When I ran for Senate in law school, my campaign was, "She's not a leader, she's a follower. But she's a really really good follower." Sigh.

Sometimes, I wonder why I became a lawyer anyway. I constantly feel like I'm playing dress up as an adult. I thought about it at work, and I get along with more of the secretaries than the lawyers. That may be a slight exaggeration, but not much of one.

I'm torn on football this week. I don't want to root for the Patriots, because I hate dynasties in sports. Even when they are coached by one of the greatest football minds of our generation. Which also pains me. And if a team is gonna win, they might as well be in my division. But to make matters worse, none of my teams that I've rooted for have won, and intellectually, it seems like the Patriots are the better team. So I'm rooting for the Steelers, but expect the Patriots to win.

In the NFC, I want to go with Philly. Even without TO. I'm a huge McNabb fan. I like Vick too, but a huge McNabb fan. Not sure how the weather will affect Vick - if it's slippery, it takes away his ability to run. Logic says that Philly can't ever win this game and to go with Atlanta, but I'll take Philly.

There you have it folks. I want to see Pittsburgh/Philly in the Superbowl (which I think will actually hurt, to have two Pennsylvania teams in it. Like the NY World Series a few years back. Oh my gosh, that was LOTS of years back by now. Last century even.) ;-) Which means that the Superbowl will be NE and Atlanta.

Finally, dude...chill. The rest of us have to work over the summer; you can read a damn book...


  • At 9:38 PM, Blogger CC Baxter said…

    Good luck with the evaluations Stephanie. Poise is part of it? As in walking around with a book balanced on your head poise?

    Someone made the cheerleader comment in a law firm?? Law firm?? The place where lawsuits are made possible?? Law is confusing....right now, wish I could come up with a good way to twist the request to be at the meeting around, but not happening now; too much happening with work that I just learned about 15 minutes ago...

    In reference to Vick and his speed in the snow; The newsbroadcasters here were saying something to the effect of him sinking in the snow would slow him down. Hawaiians definitely have a different snow perspective.

    Can I sue because work during the summer causes me unduely stress? ;) I mean that is the busiest time of year for construction.....

  • At 1:05 PM, Blogger p.p. said…

    Stephanie, good luck on the evaluations! That must be a bitch to undergo that. Knowing me, I'd resent anyone who said anything negative about me, constructive or not. Poise? Like, Miss USA? I totally see you with a sash.

  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger Me said…

    Dern - Enjoy your vacation!

    Peter - Thanks. I'm sure you all will be forced to hear how awful it is. I'm ok with constructive criticism, but I get upset that I didn't know about it earlier. I also get upset with myself for doing things wrong. I can expect perfection. A sash. Oh my.

    As for the poise, I'm sure it will come up in my review, b/c it's a weakness of mine. I get too emotionally invested in my cases, I take opposing counsel's antagonistic approach personally. This is for this random training that they want us to take.

  • At 10:49 PM, Blogger Ontario Emperor said…

    I don't have any clear favorites in the playoffs. Since my Redskins didn't get anywhere near the playoffs this year, and since Los Angeles doesn't have any team, I'm somewhat indifferent to it all. The Eagles are a rival to my Redskins, and the Steelers were the power team of my youth, but I don't really feel pro or con about either of these facts (re the Steelers, a lot of time has elapsed between the Steelers of the 70s and Bill Cowher's bunch).

    From my perspective on the West Coast, all the teams are faraway teams in the same area of the country. Yes, I know there's an incredible distance between Atlanta and Boston, but from this perspective it's all "out east." In that regard, an all=Pennsylvania Super Bowl isn't all that damaging.


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