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Someone was really looking for me. One of my last 20 searches was ""and I feel fine" blog, estephania." Yes, no two ways about that, I was being sought out...

So the Superbowl. As a few of you (Ok, Jen and Erin) know, I had a Superbowl Party. We all know that I like my football. But let's get real. The reason you have a Superbowl party is to watch the Superbowl commercials. That is the reason why people get together to drink beer and eat pizza. So no one talks during the commercials.

Ameriquest won the night hands down. Had not only the funniest commercial, but also the second funniest commercial. I'll just throw out that my chimps/monkeys in the three commercials were most enjoyable, as monkeys always are, but not in the top three. (I did laugh when the one kissed the other boss monkey's ass.) And so I bring you...

My Top Three Superbowl Commericals

#3 The Fed Ex commercial for the top 10 thing to make a great commercial. Come on, you know that you watched every commercial after that for the rest of the game identifying those 10 things. Let's see if I can do them (I'll even attempt in order - don't hold me to it.): (1) Celebrity; (2) Animal (but not monkey...grr); (3) Dancing Animal; (4) Cute Kid; (5) Groin kick; (6) Talking Animal; (7) Beautiful women; (8) Product Message (optimal) (and that "optional" part killed me); (9) Catchy pop song; (10) Bonus Material. Clever. I always enjoy the self-deprecation.

#2 The Ameriquest commercial where the guy goes to his girlfriend's house to make her a romatic dinner, putting flowers on the table, the whole thing. He's making homemade pasta sauce. The cat wanders in, knocks it over, starts to walk in it, he picks up the cat, covered in pasta sauce, which is all over the floor, when the girlfriend walks in. The look of him holding this white cat covered in pasta sauce, with more of it on the floor, is priceless. And the tagline - "Don't Judge Too Quickly, We Won't" was awesome.

#1 The Ameriquest commercial where the guy is talking on his cell phone earpiece about a deck and how much it costs. He goes into a store to pick something up. He asked how much the guy paid, and then you hear him say "You're getting robbed...Did you hear me? You're getting robbed." The store owner turns around and sprays the guy with pepper stray. Then takes a bat and hits him. Then his wife comes in with stun guns. Violent, yes. And I laughed my ass off. (Again, with the "Don't Judge Too Quickly, We Won't" tag.)

(#2 and #1 are practically interchangeable. In fact, I changed my mind in typing it. Both were hysterical. Great.) (If these are anywhere online, I'll try to find links to them tomorrow, in case you missed them.)

But that leads us to the halftime show - does anyone else want to beat Janet Jackson? If not for last year's Janetit, we would not have been subjected to the most boring halftime show ever. I am sure that my parents thought it was great but Paul hasn't been cool since the Beatles.

And going on with the not cool theme, that Ford commercial where the guy is frozen in his convertible at the green light? Not only was it not funny the first time, but I had to see it another three times after that. Ugh. You have got to be kidding me.

And where were the good Budweiser commercials this year? Usually I can count on them for some of the best. I guess without being able to blow farts in faces, Bud was stuck. Visa Check card usually satisfies me too. The action heroes weren't doing it for me. I was disappointed in Pepsi (also usually good for a great ad). And what was up with all the MCHammerness?? Again, cool 15 years ago maybe. Now, he's the freak who went on The Surreal Life.

OH! I almost forgot. The NFL had a great one of them all singing tomorrow, and talking about how tomorrow they will all be undefeated. It was also brilliant. Just all these NLF guys singing "Tomorrow" from Annie was awesome.

The other one I liked was the Emerald Nuts one with Santa, the Easter Bunny, and unicorns. That shows how BAD the rest were if that becomes a favorite one.

The Mastercard one (with all the brand name characters) was ok. Not bad. But not brilliant.

And evidentially I missed one that was ok with testifying before a senate committee.

In short, I was more impressed with last year's Oscars (OK, maybe b/c I loved that entire Badger lost dog thing.) But still. Overall, not impressive. Damn the FCC.

Also, I want to blame Curtis. He mentioned Saturday night/Sunday morning, that he wanted a combo DVD/VCR recorder. So I absolutely needed it. So I went today to Best Buy to buy one. Now I have two VCRs, one hooked up to the tv in the basement (which I never watch) and one hooked up to the tv in my bedroom (I may watch The Daily Show at night from bed). I only have one DVD player, hooked up to my tv in the family room (where my TiVo and myHDTV thing is). Why I just didn't move a VCR if I felt that was necessary I have no idea...

Today, it got to 50 degrees!!! Which means in Cleveland, I wore a short sleeve shirt and no coat. (Actually, the shirt was almost 3 quarter length). Can we say fantastic. I had to stop myself from wearing shorts. But I drove to the West side with the windows and sun roof open. And my hair was still soaking wet b/c I don't believe in hairdryers. Tomorrow, I'll have pneumonia. Totally worth it, by the way.

Back to the Superbowl. Damn the Patriots. I swear McNabb played so bad he must have been paid off. I mean, he couldn't throw the ball if his life depended on it. Or, rather, he couldn't throw the ball to his OWN team if his life depended on it. Take a look at his stats and recall that one fumble and one interception were called back. And I jjust hate dynasties in sports (I know, I'm a damn recording. Every time I saw Joe Buck tonight, I had to announce, "I hate Joe Buck." Just in case everyone missed it the first 100 times I said it. But truly, I hate Joe Buck. And dynsaties in sports.)

So now that the Patriots season is finally over, the Browns can offer Crennel the head coaching job. They did, 2 minutes after the game ended. He probably hadn't even gotten doused yet. And he accepted the job already. That was damn quick.

Oh, and did you see Jose Canseco's comments in his new book that he personally injected Mark McGwire with steroids. That is hysterical. Here's the thing about steroids -- I don't care. We the public demand to see hard hits, high scoring games, blah blah blah. So they deliver. THEN we claim that we don't want that? We can't get what we want without steroids. It's late, I'll have this rant for another day...But rant I will...You have been warned...

So there is this MySpace thing that I joined this past fall b/c you could listen to the entire REM album Around the Sun before it came out and I just bought it. Today I got some random email saying that "Danny" would like to be my friend. (Evidentally, it's like Friendster -- who knew?) I have no idea how people just go and add randomly choose people to add as their friends. It's not like I know him in any way. It's just like he clicked on random things, I'd guess. Whatever. And speaking of friendster, some random guy has started sending my messages via Friendster b/c he saw that I like conspiracy theories. Do people really use that to find new friends?? I thought it was just a fun way to connect with friends that you had. I don't get it. Just add that to my list, I guess.

OK, I'm off to bed. It's after 2, and I have to work tomorrow. :(


  • At 9:58 AM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said…

    I am on MySpace now too...

  • At 4:24 PM, Blogger Eden said…

    I didn't watch much past the first quarter so I missed th AmericQuest ads. I liked the Pepsi one w/ the guy walking down the street getting checked out b/c I liked him being checked out by Carson Kressley.

    Hawk's favorite was the "Tomorrow" ad w/ Roethlisberger and Montana. He also loved the halftime showm which I didn't see. I was watching "The Uninvited" on TCM. No it was not about The Steelers.

  • At 11:47 PM, Blogger Me said…

    That "tomorrow" commercial was cute. I enjoy cute.

  • At 12:45 AM, Blogger CC Baxter said…

    I enjoyed the Ameriquest adds.

    I was even known to chuckle at the bud commercial with the pilot diving out of the plane after the beer.

    Hope you got over your pneumonia......


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