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I'll admit it. I think that Michael Jackson is a freak. A 40 year-old man sleeping with children in his bed, even if they just "sleep" is unimaginable (I lack creativity, I guess). No adult male sleeps with children in his bed unless they are his children (and even then, unless his wife forces him too, likely). And serving them alcohol? In what realm is that ok?? Looking at porn magazines? What is wrong with you?? You are a father - do you want some adult doing that to your children.

But the reports from people in that courtroom day in and day out indicate that it's somehow actually a close case, relying wholly on credibility. Will you believe the boys, or believe Jackson? And then you read stuff like this, and you can see why.

And I'm not sure that this boy and his family aren't lying. I'm just sayin', no grown man should be giving little kids alcohol or sleeping in the same bed as them. There is no excuse for that.

In a side story, part of me wonders whether the OJ trial hurts all future "celebrities" or even "big" trials. There was such outrage, and so many jokes, when he was acquitted, that all future cases are kinda held to that standards. "Is this going to be another OJ case?" (Not that you asked, but my opinion on that is that OJ was guilty as sin, and that the jury came to absolutely the right verdict, b/c the prosecution lost that case and totally didn't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. But I digress.) Anyway, part of me thinks that OJ's aquittal plays into all celebrity trials nowdays, as people are conscious to that. But what do I know?


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