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Jack and Bobby

So Jack and Bobby is on right now on the WB. TV Guide and the Cleveland Plain Dealer both gave it good reviews, creating my interest. But regardless, I probably would have watched it anyway because I am obsessed with the Kennedy's, especially Bobby. I have a reason why, but I've only ever told one person. But third, the show had an intriguing mix - the previews all say that one of the two brothers will be elected president in 2040, and the second brother won't live to see it happen. So I'm trying to guess which brother - Jack or Bobby - will be the president. I'm guessing Bobby.

(1) TV Bobby has asthma, similar to JFK's health problems.
(2) TV Jack's best friend was talking about how he was "Jack's" best friend and used the past tense. "He was my best friend." Granted, my best friend when I was 15 isn't my best friend now, but "was." So maybe I'm reading into things. But...
(3) It's too obvious to have TV Jack - the one who is interested in politics, watching the history channel - as the president.
(4) Oft forgotten fact. In reality, overbearing dad (on TV show overbearing mom) pushed JFK to be president after JFK's older brother died. With that, TV Bobby is just like JFK whose older brother died.
(5) Bobby deserves to finally be president. (How the world would be different if RFK had won and lived in 1968).
(6) Focus the entire first show on Jack (so I think that it it more refletive when you discover that he is dead).
(7) The TV President said that his "greatest influence" was his brother. That is morelike a younger brother looking up to an older brother than vice versa, and TV Bobby (like real Bobby) is younger.
(8) TV Jack said in his teen years "one day I'll be gone." - Foreshadowing.??
(9) Courtney McCallister is the First Lady and makes a comment that her relationship with Jack didn't develop the way that she expected. This leads me to believe that her relationship is with Bobby.

Of course, all this might be me WANTING Bobby as president. Because he never was. Guess I'll find out in 10 minutes which brother lives to become President, and which brother dies...

Update at 9:56 - Courtney makes the comment that she once loved Jack and it wasn't until years later that she really saw Bobby, that any of us did. I think I'm right...

Update at 10:01 Courtney calls Bobby her life. And she makes a comment she got a call from Bobby "a while after Jack died." I was right...

I'm saddened. Jack is a stong character, you can see that he's a good person and would have made a strong man.


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