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My Jeopardy Obsession Continues

In light of the MAJOR Jeopardy spoiler, (also written below if you highlight):

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Has Ken Jennings ended his "Jeopardy!" streak?
A report posted Wednesday on TV Week's Web site said the brainy software engineer lost in a show taped Tuesday, walking away after his 75th straight game with about $2.5 million overall in cash and prizes. The magazine cited unidentified sources and said the show would air later this fall.

A spokesperson for the show told TV Week that it would not disclose whether Jennings lost.
Calls late Wednesday by The Associated Press to "Jeopardy!" publicist Jeff Ritter and to the show's production offices were not immediately returned.
Jennings, 30, of Salt Lake City, began his record-breaking run June 2, with a six-week hiatus for summer reruns.

After winning the show that aired Wednesday, his 41st, he had amassed $1,380,661.
To mark the start of its 20th season last September, the quiz show lifted its five-game limit for winners and allowed them to keep going until they lose.

is there any point in posting today 9 Sept. Ken Jennings Jeopardy spoiler?

Well, anyway if you wanted specifics: for the fourth day in a row, Ken Jennings MISSES the Final Jeopardy answer. This cannot be good. But he still wins the game. AND if the above rumor is true, he's still only about HALFWAY to his winnings - he still has another 33 victories. The number of victories he has LEFT is awe inspiring...

Another interesting thing: he doesn't get a CENT of his winnings until THIRTY DAYS AFTER he's been off the show. So this whole thing kinda sucks for him, in a way. And I have to say, I'll watch now and I think it's wrong - the questions are easier. I used to watch Jeopardy and was lucky if I got 5 questions right the whole game. My little cousins used to beat me. Routinely. I was BAD at Jeopardy. Now, since the whole Ken Jennings phenom started and I've become obsessed with the LATEST thing people are talking about (I love water cooloer pop culture) I've noticed that I get many MORE questions right.

And YAY to this puppy who shot the mean bully who tried to shoot him and his litter mates (after the bully already killed three of them). Generally I read stories like this and become very angry at the humans. I still am, but this time, I am all happy that the puppy thwarted him. And I've said it before and I'll say it again: reasons why I like animals better than humans.

And why when a partner comes to me on Tuesday am and asks if I have "a few hours for an emergency assignment to be completed today" am I still working on it on Thursday?? I have OTHER stuff to do. A few hours I had. All of Tuesday, all of Wednesday, and all of Thursday is a different story. And then they wonder why when they ask for an hour, people tell them no. It's because we KNOW it's not just an hour. Ugh!!


  • At 3:52 PM, Blogger Curtis said…

    I'm terrible about taking things. I always say yes and never delegate it out.

  • At 6:04 PM, Blogger Katie said…

    Jeez... hoqw hard qwould it have been to have loaded the puppies up in his pick up and taken them to the local shelter? Could've saved himself some ammo, not to mention the gunshot wound. Oh, wqait - he'd have to drive! Gas probably IS more expensive than bulletts these days...

  • At 9:21 PM, Blogger Fred said…

    My theory is that they're just pitting dumber people against Ken - I think the questions are about the same. Give yourself some credit - maybe you're getting smarter...


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