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A few weird stories

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A Georgia man who drove home with a friend's headless body after a truck accident then went to bed while the remains dangled out the window faces charges including vehicular homicide and drunk driving, police said on Monday.

John Hutcherson, covered in blood and visibly inebriated, was arrested in bed on Sunday morning after a local resident out on a stroll observed a headless, bloody body hanging out of the 21-year-old man's truck, Cobb County police said.

Hutcherson was due to make an initial court appearance on Monday.

Police said that Hutcherson and his friend, identified as Francis Brohm, 23, were returning from a bar outside Atlanta early Sunday morning when their black 1992 Chevrolet Z-71 pickup hit a curb near a telephone pole.

Brohm, partially outside the window at the time, was decapitated by a guide wire on the telephone pole, according to police, who recovered his head at the crash site. "Alcohol is believed to be a contributing factor," police said.

Found here.

Umm...alcohol is BELIEVED to be a contributing factor?? Sherlock Holmes, go check out the state of Georgia and let us know your opinion...

And this just makes me really sad. "Elderly retired school teacher seeks family willing to adopt grandfather. Will pay." I have this strong desire to adopt him into our large, loud Greek family (without pay - that so classless)! I can't even imagine that. My secretary said to me that nothing could ever happen to be b/c my friends and family wouldn't let it, they would take me in and I'd never be alone. I hate to think that some people don't have that same support system.

And it's good to see that since people can't get along, animals can. Breed makes no distinctions for friendship. My heart has warm and fuzzy feelings right now...


  • At 2:15 PM, Blogger melyssa said…

    i read all of those stories today with the exception of the one about the animals becoming pals. thanks for sharing it. very nice post today. it made for a good read!

  • At 11:21 PM, Blogger claire said…

    Oh, I love the animals story! Awwwww....

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