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Pimps and Hos

This is beyond frightening. (A friend sent me the link, I didn't find it on my own. I have no idea how he found it though...) I dressed up as Darth Vader (Dark Lord of the Sith) for Halloween, a hippie, a gypsy (yes, these were two different years) and a homeless person (that's actually bad too. I can't believe my parents let me do that one!) But now we want kids to be not princesses or cartoon characters, but rather pimps and hos? Shame on parents! And shame on corporate America for creating these costumes!

In February, I had a formal black tie costumer party, Jump Back Ball. (It was either black tie or costume. The fun people were in costume.) It is themed - this year the theme was Mobsters and Molls (complete with gambling. It was great fun. I plan to force people to join me next year. I went alone this past year. One of the best events Cleveland puts on, in my opinion.) Anyway, the costumes for the Mobsters and the Molls are probably somewhat similar to the pimps and hos. I am ok with this. Other than being a hypocrite, we are adults. Not childen.

Oh, shame!!


  • At 11:58 AM, Blogger melyssa said…

    this is beyond sad, but i somehow laughed out loud anyway. i wonder how much money this company will make.


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