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Dear Minnesota (and Kentucky)

Dear Minnesota,
THAT'S why we had five all-stars.
Love, me

Dear Kentucky
I can think of a lot better things to do with $15 million dollars.
Love, me
(For those who didn't hear, the state of Kentucky was upset that late night comedians made fun of them, so the state is trying to come up with a new slogan to counter the jokes about the state and make people wake up one day in, like Vegas, and think, "I should move to Kentucky." But they are spedning $15 million dollars to come up with a new slogan. I'm not even joking. Actually, that should cause late night comedians to start a whole new round of jokes. Mission accomplished!)

And these questions are sure taking me a long time...

44. You are offered $1,000,000 for the following act: Before you are ten pistols - only one of which is loaded. You must pick up one of the pistols, point it at your forehead, and pull the trigger. If you can walk away you do so a millionaire. Would you accept the risk?
Probably. I've always thought that the idea wass kinda intriguing, though I've always wisely been too much a coward to try it. Because what it? And life kinda rocks, even when it sucks. But at the same time, that's still only a 10% chance of dying. And I firmly believe in destiny. So if it's my time, the gun I pick up has the bullet in it. If it's not my time, it doesn't. But at the same time, if it's my time, that bus in the other lane is going to hit some patch of ice and hit me, pushing me into the ditch where my car will collapse around me. Maybe even catch on fire. Nothing we can do can really mess up destiny's plans. If I died, does my family get the money? That's even better.

45. Someone very close to you is in pain, paralyzed, and will die within a month. He begs you to give him poison so that he can die. Would you? What if it were your father?
I wholeheartedly support assisted suicide. So yes, I absolutely would (though I'd try not to get caught and sent to jail to be a bitch.) I think it’s inhumane to force someone to live in constant pain when their death is inevitable. I support dying with dignity. So whether it was a stranger, my father, or myself, I would definitely do whatever I could to allow them or I to die with dignity.


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