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If you're not a lawyer, there are maybe two paragraphs you'll be able to read. And that's if you like sports

I'm exhausted. Ready for bed. Need to do more trial stuff. And I can't concentrate because everything is swirling around. There are days when my ADHD isn't bad. Today was one of those days. I was prepping a witness for my trial and paid LOTS of attention most of the day. Now I can't concentrate to save my life. (You know, when I was in high school, I disliked the preps. Now, I have witness prep, trial prep, I'm prepping people. It's very disconcerning.) So there are a few things running through my head I thought I'd share:

--Bitch Counsel (20! people on her witness list she plans to call. 20! I want this trial to go quickly. But get this - there are a bunch of them that are out of town people, not parties. We plan to bring them into town for our case in chief. She says we have to bring them to town for HER case in chief. We say no. She says if we refuse to bring them to town for her to call in her case in chief, she will subpoena the company pursuant to 30(b)(6) (actually, I'm in state court so it's 30(b)(5), but it's identical tot he 30(b)(6)). For the person, for example, with the most knowledge of the interview between Plaintiff and X. In order to get X to testify during her case in chief! Can you believe it? This means nothing to people who aren't lawyers. Sorry. Basically, it's cheating.)

--The Indians win. Especially in context of the Twins series this weekend. How pathetic is Cleveland (the city)? We are all excited about this, despite the fact that the team is NOT playoff ready this year. Next year, I think they will be, but this year...just give it up already. And I say that with me head...and yet, I am from Cleveland, and my heart is with them, dreaming of October. We are pathetic. But consistently so.

--The Browns signing Kellon Winslow. I'd have played hardball and said, "Screw you." Why does he deserve to be the highest paid tight end if he doesn't want the incentives making that contingent upon making the Pro Bowl? If you are saying that you are the best tight end in the game, it shouldn't be an issue, rookie.

--My trial. It starts in just over a week. We have a deposition tomorrow of the one named Defendants. This Saturday is the doctor's deposition. We have depositions scheduled every day next week of people on the trial list. It really sucks. Meanwhile, trying to pull exhibits, trying to create them, trying to do all that stuff. It's exciting, it really is, but a bit overwhelming. Today after prep, the first chair partner on the case with me, along with the second chair junior partner they just brought in (per the client's request b/c I'm just a youngun') met with two senior partners (a named partner and the managing partner) to discuss strategy. It's weird b/c I know these documents inside and out, and the facts off the top of my head, and yet, I am in the room with three of the most brilliant attorneys ever listening to them strategize and it's stuff that never occured to me, that they got just by reading the sides briefs. Without even knowing the evidence. It's like telling a story, and I'm caught up in the trees. There's not a single tree that I don't know. I know what direction they grow in, how the sun hits them, where the squirrels live and where the leaves are falling off. But what the forest as a whole is like, and the best place to have a picnic for everyone to enjoy it....I have no idea. And for the record, at a lot of law firms, an associate becomes someone's "bitch." It basically means that the partner gives you an awful lot of work, and you often feel you work exclusively for that person. The senior partner on this case with me, he's my Yoda. I really feel he's brilliant. Today, he went through an abscure hearsay rule, just BAM, quoted it word for word. And the two senior partners he asked for the pow wow with are two of the best litigators in the state of Ohio, as voted by other attorneys in the state. They are who most of the cases get handed off too. So I'm in the BEST learning company there is. It's simply stunning to me how unintelligent I am compared to them. In a good way.

--What's in a name. What this says about Stephanie.

--The Superman Curse. Not sure why. In the immportal words of the Monkees, "I'm a believer."

--Allegory of the Cave. Again, no particular reason. Actually, my sister saw The Village last night (she loved it. Guess I don't know what I'm talking about) and I was talking to her about Joaquin Phoenix, who consistently chooses good roles. Which reminded me of Johnny Depp, who also chooses good roles and has that same dark soulfulness I adore. Who reminded me of Leonardo Decaprio, who does not choose good roles but was in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, which was a great role. Which reminded me of being not so smart. Which reminded me of Keanu Reeves because (1) he just doesn't come across as intelligent and (2) this might have something to do with Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Which reminded me of The Matrix. Which is, of course, a modernized Allegory of the Cave. So now I have to reread it, in all of my free time, and get into it. Because I love Plato, and that's one of my favorites. Oh, and yes, that is how my mind works. It's the ADHD.

Now I have to get back to work.


  • At 1:26 AM, Blogger Katie said…

    Yeah, the Matrix is definitley an Allegory of the Cave ripoff (i was a philosophy major, which is the only reason in the world I might know that.) So, even if Keanu's not so smart, you are. And he's hot. Also, my dad once told me that children inherit brains form the mother, looks from the father. Thus, you could have Keanu's love children, and everything would still be okay. Yup.


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