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This isn't what it looks like on tv...

I never though I’d have to hash out deposition dates two weeks before trial (for the case that’s going to trial). Yes, this is Bitch Counsel. Yes, she has been refusing to return my calls for more than a WEEK concerning the two witnesses she wants to depose and the one witness I want to depose. (For the record, the person I want to depose is her expert, who was not designated until July 23.) Today, we left a voicemail saying since she hasn’t gotten back, they are filling up their calendars, and unless we heard from her, we are subpoenaing her expert, and we don’t care if she’s busy. Yes, we are irritated.

With my upcoming trial, I’ve been living in this case since...I can’t remember the life before this case. I’m clueless as to what a jury will think of this case - I can’t get a sense because I’m so enveloped in it, you know? So what I propose is this: I wanna run the case by you. I wanna discuss Plaintiff’s theory of the case, our theory of the case, and get a sense what you think of the case. I’m debating whether I should post it here, or whether I should just solicit interested individuals. But it would help me out so much in discussing who to call, what evidence to present, and so forth. Any mock jury takers??

Later, I’ll talk about being robbed and being yelled at by the Judge. It’s been a banner day!


  • At 4:49 PM, Blogger melyssa said…

    i would love to be part of your focus group! i hope you do well in this trial.


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