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It's Premature To Call This Post "Mission Accomplished"

When I was back in high school, I had the biggest crush on "random guy" in Janet Jackson’s video Again. He was adorable, with this incredibly blue eyes (and even had a tear run down his cheek at the end when he offered her a ring!) wore blue jeans and a white button down (except it wasn’t buttoned up!) poet-y type shirt (which remain, along with blue jeans and a nice sweater, knee quaking to me) and this amazingly cool hair past the shoulders. In short, he was my ideal guy. In fact, the "random guy" in Janet’s video made the song for me. Happily, I can now enough the aesthetically pleasing "random guy" at my whim now, thanks to Launch. Ahh...sometimes I think technology is a wonderful thing.

Last night, I’m watching CSI. I had heard earlier this season that Coco Crisp, the Indians center fielder who has one of the best names in all of baseball, had a brother who was on either CSI or Without A Trace. And it occurred to me last night that it was probably Gary Dourdan, who plays Warrick, a pretty well-developed, likeable but flawed, and under-utilized character who is, quite bluntly, hot. (Ok, part of the reason I'm a CSI fan is Gary Dourdan and George Eads. Yes, I'm shallow.) Much like "random guy" in Janet Jackson’s video, Gary Dourdan has these amazingly blue eyes (a particular weakness of mine, one that is most unfortunate given my inherent conviction that blond haired guys are objectively unattractive, which most blue-eyed boys are, thanks to that who DNA thing). So today I Googled Coco and Gary's name together (no matches, by the way) . . . and inadvertently discovered through an interview that Gary Dourdan's appearances include...the random guy in Janet Jackson’s video Again! (You saw that coming, huh?) So now, my crush in 1993 has a name! How great is that?! No more "random guy" for me anymore!!

Now if anyone knows who Coco Crisp’s brother is...


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