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John Kerry Is A Douchebag (And He's Still A Better Choice Than Dubya)

From Erin comes this hysterical but actually pretty insightful link.

Now, we all know I'm not a fan of the anti-christ. And I don't think that John Kerry is the best that the Democratic Party has to offer. But sinceI'm not old enough to run for office (jk. I would never want to be in politics!) and Howard Dean's scream was overplayed by the media, and Kucinich is such a dork...well, Kerry is still ABB.


  • At 10:46 PM, Blogger Curtis said…

    I'm used to being in the minority, but I actually like John Kerry pretty well. I think that he seems like a good guy. I'd vote for him even if Bush hadn't turned into Dumb Napoleon.


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