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I only drink to find my keys . . .

Yes, I finally have a reason to drink...

If you can't find your keys or can't remember what you're doing this weekend, the cure to your memory glitch may be in an alcoholic drink or two a day. Reuters reports that a new study from the University of Texas in Dallas has determined that older women who enjoy one or two drinks every day have better memory skills than their non-drinking friends.

"Moderate drinkers reported less depression, had higher self-reported health, performed better on instrumental everyday tasks...and (had) improved memory performance," Dr. Graham McDougall, associate professor of nursing at the university, said in a statement releasing the study findings, which were based on a five-year survey of men and women with an average age of 75.

During the study, some of the women were asked to remember items such as a story, the placement of hidden objects, future intentions, and connecting random numbers and letters. Reuters reports that those who drank alcohol in moderation did better on the tests than those who did not drink at all. "In addition to their actual performance on tests, the confidence of those who drank was higher and they used more strategies to facilitate memory," McDougall said.


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