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Just some news updates

Great. Bush et al still want to drill in Alaska, and remember, he has a "mandate" now to do so. That's an even worse idea than privatizing social security. And I would have preferred Guiliani as Attorney General, but I'll settle for Gonzalez. What else? Senator Chafee isn't going to switch political parties. I'd add "for now" though. And Martha Stewart doesn't have enough money to cover her attorneys fees? What? And Texas executed its 21 person of the year. That's two a month. What the heck.

I love stupid criminals. This guy tried to rob and bank and was told to come back the next day. and now ZOO AMINALS need a makeover? Geesh, this reality tv thing HAS to end.

And I'm addicted to Lost. Today we learned about Sawyer. Intriguing...


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Days until Bush leaves office.
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