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Ken Jennings gone -- for two weeks

So I was on Jeopardy Countdown until Ken Jennings' departure earlier this week, pegging the date as next week, and lo and behold, Jeopardy went on a two-week college championship on yesterday. Bastards. Anyway, Ken Jennings won't return until Thanksgiving (if a show is aired that day - doubtful with all that parade stuff). He has won 70 in a row. That means he has another 5 shows (4 more wins and a loss - he allegedly loses at episode 75.) But until I know when Jeopardy is ging to start again, I don't know when that will be. But certainly in the month of December. Anyway, don't bother to watch for the next few weeks. (Though when college kids are there, I often can answer them. I'm not as smart as when I watch the elementary school championships, but better than I am against real adults.) Anyway, I'll keep you posted. (For the record, on Tuesday, I thought my count was off b/c he was in third place to start Double Jeopardy. But it was all good.)


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