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I hit a car today. Actually, a minivan.

Kind of.

You know how you walk across the street (or, in my case, across the parking garage) and a car is coming, but you can tell by the way that the car is moving that by the time you get to the area, the car will already be gone and you don't have to stop walking? Maybe that's just me. I think I picked it up living in New York City.

Anyway, I was walking and the minivan must have freaked out because I hadn't stopped walking, so they stopped. And I wasn't expecting that, and so I walked into the minivan. (It was past the backdoor, so I'd only point out that if they hadn't stopped, I would not have him them. So obviously, my calculation wasn't off - I just didn't anticipate the stupidity of people. I mean, really. You were already passed where I was. What were you thinking? And then, they glared at me. I'm a person WALKING. I am not a superhero with knives on my costume that could scratch the paint. I'm not even typical lawyer girl with a briefcase that can dent your car. What damage can I do to your car? I, however, am now covered with car dirt. Ick.

Oh another front, todays Daily Labor Report discusses a First Circuit decision where Costco Wholesale Corp. (a great store, by the way), did not have a duty to accommodate an employees religious beliefs. The store had a "no facial jewelry" provision in its dress code. The employee had multiple facial piercings, per her religious beliefs and practice (The Church Of Body Modification) When she was hired, she had multiple earrings and four tattoos, but no facial piercings. She got an eyebrow ring and Costco changed it's dress code during her tenure - no idea which happened when- and began enforcing the "no facial jewelry" rule. She alleged religious discrimination (the first time that her religion was mentioned. And the Church never says that the piercings or tattoos need to be displayed. In fact, her tattoos weren't. It was her own interpretation of the website religion. AND the plaintiff first asked to cover the eyebrow ring with a bandaid - initially rejected by Costco - which would obviously have violated her religious beliefs, if they were sincere.) Anyway, the First Circuit held that it would have been an undue hardship, as she meets the public and Costco wants to maintain a professional work appearance. And people wonder why I like employment law... Come on, you can't MAKE that case up. (Though the EEOC found for the employee - care to explain EEOC employee out there?) Hmm...I hope this doesn't give the firm any ideas in asking me to take out my tongue ring...

And someone emailed me asking why I haven't talked about Butch Davis's resignation/firing/public party in downtown Cleveland yet. (That was a little side effect of putting my email address that I didn't anticipate -- requests.) I plan to, actually. I've been in a mood this week and didn't want to. Rest assured, I am of the camp that says, "good riddance" and am dancing in the streets. I have disliked this guy since we got him from Miami. And yes, that includes the season when we went to the playoffs. So that will come. Oh, will that come.


  • At 3:07 PM, Blogger melyssa said…

    you crack me up. i hope you're okay with regards to the accident today. i guess if you would have started a light jog afterwards, it would have technically been a hit and run. (i know i'm corny!)


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