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Mathmatical Equation - It will get better...

Dr. Cliff Arnalls, an English pyschologist, has determined that today is the MOST DEPRESSING DAY OF THE YEAR.

He makes this determination based on a formula, taking into account seven factors:

--montly salary;
--time since Christmas;
--time since last tried to quit and failed;
--motivation levels; and
--need to take action.

The mathmatical equation is Weather + Debt - Monthly salary x Time since Christmas X Time since last tried to quit and failed / Motivation levels + Need to take action.

So the mathmatical equation (in geekland) is W+ (D-d)] x TQ M x NA (I failed my last math class, so I have no idea what that means.) ;-)

The best news - I'm in a good mood today. Bodes well for the year, no? ;-)


  • At 6:13 PM, Blogger Steppie said…

    I just saw this on the news and was going to post about it.

    But I'm from Pittsburgh. You don't have to tell me it's the most depressing day of the year. :(


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