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So I have a confession to make. Of the "Yes, I *am* that stupid" proportions. (And no, it has nothing to do with flying to Rome just to hear REM play. Yes, I've heard, "how stupid are you" more times than I can count this week. The answer: oh, you don't want to *know* how stupid I can be...)

But anyway. I'm sick of winter. No shock, I'm sure I'm not the only one. But I refuse to take it anymore. I haven't worn a coat for the last 8 days. Those in the NEOH area may be a bit confused. For those not, it didn't matter that much the Friday-Monday when it was in the high 40s or low 50s (because after going through an entire winter here, I'd wear shorts if it would hit 56 so you don't need a coat if it gets that warm anyway.) But since Tuesday, the high has been well under freezing. In the 20s. I think the 5-day forcast has it warming up to 32. Yes, sir, let's pull out the t-shirts.

But I have a reason. The way I figure it, God is going to be looking down, see me without a coat on, and go "woah! It must be spring, otherwise, she'd be wearing a coat." See, I figure by not wearing a coat, I can trick God and force spring to come faster. People everywhere owe me a debt of gratitude. Perhaps a street should be named after me. I'm not too particular, but I do enjoy cul-de-sacs. They are delightful.

I'd like to say that this is the first year I've been this dumb, but I cannot tell a lie. I get to this point sometime in March every year. It's just usually it's a bit later in March - I don't start at the beginning of March. And as I pointed out to my mom, every year, spring has come. So it works, clearly.

Actually, this story leaked b/c I said to my mom on the way home from work, "oh, it's cold out here, my hands are cold and my rings are slipping off." My mom asked why I didn't have my gloves on. And I told that it looks funny to wear gloves without a coat. Because, well, it does.

Now my mom is completely paranoid that I am going to be driving and run out of gas, and I won't have heat I'll freeze to death and die. She wants me to keep a coat in my car, "just in case." (I do keep a pair of jeans, a pullover, a denim shirt, three pair of socks, and a pair of tennis shoes in the car, actually.) But she's really upset about this. She's got this tremor in her voice that I hate. But I strongly believe that I can't turn my back on my faith and what I believe just to satisfy someone else.

So I pointed out that I have not one, but two cell phones, with two different companies who generally have service problems in different areas, and they are Sprint and Verizon, so I was safe. And she starts saying, "but what if your battery died? What if we can't get to you in time?" I finally told her that she was right, there was an excellent chance that I'd get pneumonia and die, which would suck, more for me than for anyone else.

So...Does everyone see where I get my melodrama from??


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