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So recall how excited I was when I got tickets to REM's Around the Sun tour for Cleveland? And then how devestated I was when they cancelled and decided to go to Cinci-bloody-nnati?

Well, I've been depressed since then. Therefore, I've taken steps to cure this depression. This means that I needed my Michael Stipe fix. Thus, I purchased tickets to see REM on June 10. In Rome. ;-)

Of course, I'm trying to order tickets online, and the website is in Italian. That was incredibly difficult. In fact, it appears that I didn't put my state anywhere. Hmm...this could be a problem. I emailed them back and let them know that. Someone said that since my country and zip code was there, it should work out. We shall see. Either way, at the end of the day, I've got tickets...Woo hoo.

How well do you know me? I was emailing two people yesterday. I said, "Guess what I did today? Think ** obsession." One had no idea. Guessing truly random things. And some mean things. The other guessed it was either something to do with baseball or REM. Heh. I shall let them remain anonymous, unless they want to identify themselves. But one clearly knows me better than the other... ;-)


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