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REM Redux

Rather than ignore this poor interviewee at 10 while I'm trying to get REM tickets, I called my friend, who was going to interview him at 10:30, and asked him to switch. Otherwise, this poor guy has no chance with me. And he's already got a relatively hard interview schedule - at least one of the people (not me).

The good news is that I FINALLY got through to the radio station this morning (106.5) when they were giving away tickets. The bad news is, they just put me in the "hopper" and I didn't win tickets. Someone named Jim (said with the appropriate disgust) won. Jim doesn't want to go to the REM concert. Stephanie wants to go to the REM concert. We can all go and beat Jim up now. Wasn't that the perfect* game for Brian and Joe to fix?!? I mean, I was already through, no one sees this alleged hopper, so who would know?? (To be put in the hopper, all you had to do was name the ice cream you would have come up with if you were on the Apprentice last night. I guess it was the challenge. (Are they called challenges on the show??)) Maybe Brian and Joe just felt that my REM obsession was not worthy? I feel very saddened. AND their band, the Endorsements, which includes Billy of Howl At The Moon, (oh, and here) was not in studio today like they are supposed to be on Fridays. (Were not in the studio? Hmm...the band is only one, singular, but it ends in an S. English people - help would be appreciated. But I digress.)

However, I can forgive them this (the Endorsements part, not the REM part) b/c John Heffron

who I also adore from Last Comic Standing, WAS in the studio and on the radio for a long time. He's is in Cleveland now and I am going to see tomorrow b/c he's adorable. I convinced some of my friends that we needed to see him, and to pacify my obsession (or, perhaps, not wanting to set me off on the chance that I won't get REM tickets and will already be a bit "goood thing I don't own a gun" unstable), they agreed. Yay! Oh, but does does anyone remember what this toy is called?

It's driving me crazy!! I had one. It twirls around in circles. I LOVED it. And I can't remember what it was called. It's not the sit and spin, that much I remember. Though I loved the sit and spin too, it just wasn't QUITE up there with this thing...Our generation had the best toys...

But the IMPORTANT thing is that I DID get through and get my REM tickets. They are not the best tickets in the world, but in a theatre that only holds 3000 people, how bad can the seats be?? I am in the tier section, row P.

So...I didn't *win* tickets, but at least I got them. All that energy invested in worry!! But to put it in perspective, it was 10:01 when I got through (online) and those were the "best available" seats left. Wow. The more expensive tickets were already gone. See, that may have cost me a few rows. I went with the most expensive tickets first, and they searched and said "none available" and I had to backtrack and then do the cheaper tickets search. AAGH. But the end result is, despite Brian and Joe's best efforts, I managed to secure REM tickets. And ultimately, Brian and Joe are still my favorite morning show team. So I shall get over my saddness towards them, as all is well that ends well.


  • At 11:12 AM, Blogger Caren said…

    YAY for getting tickets... Booo for not getting seats you hoped for! But! You're going!!! WHOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!


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