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REM contest update - we must reintensify our efforts

The winner of the REM tickets today on my Brian and Joe on radio show on 106.5 was some guy named Jason. He just had to guess that 1997 was the year when Mike Tyson bit the ear off, among other songs came out that year. I probably would have initially guessed 1998 - but every year from 1998-2001 was already guessed by the time they got to him. So he had it easy - after he got through, which I didn't manage to do. :( That doesn't make him an REM fan.

Then they had a doctor talking about AHDH - come on, I have the adult version! Wasn't that a way of saying that I was supposed to win the tickets so that I could concentrate this week on not concentrating on the things that I have to do, like usual?

They spent lots of time talking making fun of Bush's quote yesterday, "It's non-sensical. That is, it makes sense." I realized that Kathleen Madigan was dead on in her comedy concerning Bush a few weeks ago when he explains something that doesn't need explaining (to anyone else but him). I realized that it's also common sensical that I win REM tickets - if they would just work with me here. I can't do everything on my own Brian and Joe!!

They also talked LOTS about Oprah giving everyone in the audience a car. Again, let's talk more about Brian and Joe giving Stephanie REM tickets...

Click here for Brian and Joe's email addresses to harass them and explain the common sensical things in life concerning Stephanie and REM...


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