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Kyrie Eleison

Still listening to 106.5 and they are playing Mr. Mister's Kyrie. Anyway, one of the other associates was in here talking to me, and was NOT singing the right lyrics. Something about Carrie (or carry, I'm not sure) lasers?? Anyway people, I thought I'd give Greek 101 here. The lyrics are "Kyrie Eleison" - it means "Lord have mercy" in Greek. (And they say you learn nothing at church. I learned the lyrics to Mr. Mister's Kyrie. HA! But here's really my question: did you all just wonder why the heck the song is called Kyrie then?


  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger Erinna said…

    Random comment about this song. Years ago, I met a guy via the internet who was good friends who wrote the lyrics to Kyrie. He said that I probably thought he was making it up. I said nah, if he was making something up, it would probably be better than that. ;)


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