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First, my thoughts go out to everyone in London right now. I'm not sure if this is tied to G8, making a point that they are not safe as a threat about the Olympics, as a warning at their involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it doesn't really matter. My thoughts just go out to everyone there.

Second, after careful reflection, that guy who injured me at soccer and sent me to the emergency room, I totally do not believe that it was a clean play now. After watching him play last night (we played them again), he actually does push off when he's going for the ball, with his arm (not his shoulder, so it's a dirty, illegal play). Which is then consistent with my injury. Bastard.

AND I got hurt AGAIN last night. I never want to play this team again! I mean, this time I got kicked THROUGH my shin guard that made me come out of the came WITH 4 MINUTES LEFT in a game that we were losing 1-0 (and it was the a playoff game). By the time I got to the bleachers, I took off my shinguard, and I have a bump already. The bruise is about the size of my entire hand. Luckily, it's mostly bone that's bruised, so it's a faint bluish tint to it (rather than a dark color) but b/c it's all bone, it's really painful to walk. UGH. Does that team HATE me?


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