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Three days of perfect weather in Cleveland (for the holiday, when is the last time that THAT happened?) and excellent baseball. And the fireworks show downtown after the game rocked as well. Waiting for them to start, I bought a child's Cleveland Browns hat, which actually fits my head. Lots of hotdogs and hamburgers, family and friends, picnics - does life get any better? Seriously? Because I doubt it.

So this week is the last week of soccer and softball. I wasn't sure what was going on, so I joined another team for soccer and softball (except this is Sundays now, double header games). Then my initial teams registered as well. So I am on two softball teams, one Thursday, one Sunday, and then two soccer teams, both Wednesday, in the same league. No idea what I am going to do when they play one another. Ideas? Do I go with my initial team? Or my second team who, to be quite honest, needs the players. I like my first team better (you always like your first the best...) We shall see. They will only play each other once or twice, except the playoffs.

From my grandmother, when I said I was going to see the fireworks. "By yourself?" (Yes) "Well, make sure you don't get robbed." I'm downtown Cleveland. There are cops everywhere. There are people everywhere. I'll make sure I'm not robbed Yiayia...

Hope that everyone had a safe and great 4th of July weekend. Did you know that today is my favorite day of the entire year? Cause it is. And now we start the countdown - just 5 days until my birthday. Yes, Saturday starts when I will start calling everything "the last ___ of my 20s." For example, this Thanksgiving, the last Thanksgiving on my 20s. You get the idea. I assume that I can be annoying with this for a year, easily. :)


  • At 12:10 PM, Blogger Kevin said…

    Hi Stephanie,

    First off, thanks for the comments on the baby - we think he's a cute little guy!

    Secondly, I was wondering what happens in our bet if The White Sox win the division and the Indians win the wild card - I think it involves me running around the Mall of America in Cleveland Indians boxer shorts, but I wanted to check.

  • At 1:22 PM, Blogger Me said…

    I asked about the White Sox winning when the season started! You poo-pood my question back then! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like either of us can catch up. A double diget lead at the All Star break? Not good for the rest of us.

    And come on, we have won 9 of 11 games, and gained ONE GAME in that time? Are you serious! And that was right after a nine game wining streak where we gained another game. Seriously, we can't compete. They are in another world.

    As for the wild card, it might be a wild summer, no? I think that Baltimore is out of it. I think that it really IS just between our two teams. Unless the Yankees realize that they pay more in luxury tax than the Indians have for their entire payroll. They are the WORST 200 million dollar team ever.

    If Minnesota was the wild card team and that means that NY doesn't make the playoffs, it may even be worth it. Cause there *are* teams I hate more than Minnesota. Mainly NYY. (I have an Indians jersey with the number 666 on the jersey back and the name is Yankees. I also have a Yankees Suck jersey.) And often the White Sox (I'll admit it, I loved the White Sox back in '94. It was a one time thing, and it didn't mean anything. I think it was just an experimental period. Everyone goes through those, right?)

    So wild card - its the Centrals to lose...And Detroit has fallen, so it's between us.

  • At 1:39 PM, Blogger NYCbeauty said…

    Hey! I'm back and better than ever. Can't wait to catch up on the life of my favorite lefty lawyer. Perhaps together we can pack the Supreme Court with liberals. Ha!


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