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So I've returned.

I spent the last six days in trial advocacy training. It was quite intense. As I said, I felt over my head on more than one occasion. At the end of the day, we hung. The frightening thing is, the jury knew that my team was the one with the flighty one on it...and they WEREN'T talking about me. If you would have told me that a week ago, I never would have believed it. As I was a last minute replacement for someone, I really feel that this guy OWES me. I mean, working with my co-counsel was hard. I had one of the jurors tell me that I was the best of the 4 attorneys. I had another juror (who voted against me) tell me that I was really good and should become a prosecutor. I heard from the Judge that I was too intense for this particular case. I had one of the witnesses tell me that she thought that if I had given the closing, that I would have been able to sway the one juror to my side. (You only need 3/4th). I'm not sure about that, but that was nice. The funny thing is, I wanted to be a prosecutor, I just can't afford to pay back my student loans if I were one. Depressing. Maybe they should make higher education cheaper. So anyway, back to the grind on Monday.

As I briefly mentioned last week, I've also lost my secretary (and not really seen her her last two weeks with the seminar and deposition). A new secretary starts this Friday, so it's only 4 days that I'm without I guess. But that means that I have a whole new secretary who doesn't know anything about how the firm works, and I of course know nothing about it b/c I just ask my secretary to take care of it. So this should be a fun experience...I will miss my secretary. I was SO exhausted from the past week but I briefly went out to the bars for her goodbye party. I'll be sad - good secretarys are hard to come by as well. I learned that in going through 4 of them before getting my secretary who just left. So yes, I'll be on secretary #6. And I think that I'm going to be temporarily reassigned, actually. So I'll quickly hit #6 and #7. My secretary had been with the firm for like 10 years - what were the odds? But it's a great opportunity for her, so I can't be all selfish and pouty. (Well, I guess she's gone now and won't know, so I can be selfish and pouty, can't I?)

My friend had a surprise 30th birthday party this weekend. I had friends in town, and another friend came to visit me so came to the party as well. So that was a good time. Not that I have any idea about anything though.

Other than that, between being gone on my vacation then a week back and then a week at the seminar, I totally feel like I'm not in any routine. I miss that. My sleep schedule is all messed up. I have no idea what's going on in the world. So I guess in some way, I will be glad to get back to "normal routine."

Anyway, I'm still tired - I'm heading to bed. I know, it's 10:00, what a loser. Oh well, I can accept that.


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