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What 5 Things do you miss about your childhood?

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Your turn:

You know, this is hard, b/c I don't actually MISS things. I have lots of good memories associated with being a kid, but I don't MISS them. (Maybe b/c I'm still I kid? I don't know.)

1) I miss the neighborhood where I grew up. All our neighbors had a second fridge in the garage with a full keg in it and it was common for them to walk down the street with a cup and just stop in to talk (even if the person wasn't there, in which case they just took some beer and continued on the walk) and the holiday picnics that would spread over 3 yards, and playing sports in the street (I can't forget that; I still have scars on my knees from tackle football on concrete), bonfires inthe backyard, but since that was illegal unless you were cooking, taking a metal trash can and cooking corn.

2) I miss camping. We would go twice a year for a week each. I have lots of memories associated with that. The first time we went, all we had were two tents, three dads, five kids, and a cooler of beer and pop. That's it. We quickly figured out to buy firewood, but it started to rain. We had no idea what you do then. And no way to make coffee - the dads cut a beer can and boiled water over the fire on that. We got better at camping over the years. I promise.

3) I miss being able to tailgate before Indians or Browns games. The old stadium, while an awful venue for watching sporting events, was great for tailgating. We would have fun hours before and hours after the game. We would play soccer with a pop can. We would basically make a general ruckus. There isn't anywhere great to tailgate nowdays. Not like the main parking lot at old Municipal Stadium.

4) Every so often, I miss my friends who I have fallen out of touch with. I only talk to a handful of friends from before college still. It would be nice to reconnect. Oh, and my childhood pet.

5) I can't think of anything else that I miss.

That was actually hard. I don't miss that much about my childhood. I have fond memories about it but don't miss it.


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