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A few things:

(1) This cough has been going on for over a week with no end in sight. Wholly unacceptable. Damn transatlantic flights.

(2) I am so far in over my head that it's not even funny with this seminar I'm taking. I can't even hold my breath long enough to pull off competent for my 15 minute increments. Sad but true.

(3) I've allowed myself 3 hours of sleep for the past 4 nights (well, Friday night was 90 minutes, but I got a 90 minute nap on Saturday). I am literally exhausted on my feet, and feel that I Have no business being on a road. At the same time, I have no choice, and am desperately looking forward to Friday, when I can sleep more than 3 hours. Yes, this is going on for the next three nights still. :(

(4) This past weekend was...unexpected. In several ways. No commentary at this time as to whether that was good or not.

(5) My brother is offering advice on my dating relationships. Have I fallen so far?

(6) The Indians 9-game win streak ended last night. Despite a valient effort to come from behind, they lost, 9-10, to the Red Sox.

(7) Weather in Cleveland is supposed to get war again by this weekend. I know you all hate the 90 degrees with humidity - I love it.

(8) I better get a new screen door before then! My cat dove through it the other day trying to get some critter running around outside. I think it surprised him as much as it did me to find himself on the outside.

(9) What's with TDS showing last Tuesday's episode at 11:30 last night instead of last Thursday's episode. Dear TDS, umm...I made someone stay up until 11:30 pm last night to see it. This person had been at work at 3:30 that morning. They were wholly unamused with me.


  • At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Curtis said…

    Perhaps you live in the wrong part of the country if you're a fan of the high temperatures with humidity. I think Houston could offer what you want.

  • At 1:45 PM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said…

    1. I too waited for the Daily no avail. :)

    2. Um, I shall keep MUM about the weekend...good co-bridesmaids ALWAYS do too many shots, right?

  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger Me said…

    Curtis - I like any warm weather.
    Jen - TDS was so sad. And actually, I did 0 shots total. I wasn't doing shots from random strangers like the rest of the bridesmaides. In fact, I didn't even get random boys to buy me drinks all night like others.

  • At 12:54 AM, Blogger Jen(nifer) said…

    I note the use of the word RANDOM several times, counselor....

    :) fair, fair...


    Other things to do with random strangers include...hmmm.


  • At 5:56 AM, Blogger Me said…

    Jen - I like the word random, but it does count the guys that were getting laie'd at the bachelorette party, no? The entire *point* of the laies was to get random boys to buy drinks. My only point was, I did not engage in such behavior, unlike my friends, who went through 50 laies.

    And there was NO debating with random strangers on that particular night. Other nights, perhaps, but I did not debate Saturday night.

  • At 6:06 AM, Anonymous jalberto said…

    Nice Blog, see you at internet.

  • At 12:36 AM, Blogger CC Baxter said…

    Was curious aboot 3 but I see the commentary clarifies abit.

    Hope you get some sleep. MMmmmm,,,,,sleeep.......

  • At 4:33 AM, Blogger Me said…

    Jalberto, thanks.
    Dern, yeah, I'll talk about that soon.


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